Technology seems to be hassling me again…..Vivien !!!

If you are familiar with “The Young Ones”, then you may remember the episode where Neil is being hassled by technology!

Well, Vivien, Technology is hassling me too!

I tried to call up my blog….in two different browsers, and I get error pages.


I’M SURE, this too will pass. Nevertheless, why is it when I want to do something (with technology), it finds a need to hassle me?!?

Oh well………


NOW, I’m having trouble publishing this post…..SERIOUSLY…..GREAT!!!

OK….Positive Nawfal, trying to reason with the WP Gremlins.

So….how’s that working for me? Let’s see….hit the Publish button again….and….

Great! Positive Nawfal… isn’t working.

“The squeaky WordPress gets the Grease!”

Would someone please get WordPress some WD40!

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