Melancholy Portrait Lighting for Photography and The Father of Photography

Title: “Jenan v2, Edit F”.

Creation Date: 20 July 2019.

Copyright 2019 Nawfal Johnson ~ All Rights Reserved.

Style/Genre: Black & White Portraiture, Above Low-Key Melancholy Lighting.

Lighting: Mid-Morning Diffused Light from Single Window, from the Left of Subject. No other light source, and no reflectors used. No fill light.

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The Father of Photography according to John Werge (1890).

“Charles William Scheele was born at Stralsund, Sweden, December 19th, 1742, and died at Koeping, on lake Moeler, May 21st, 1786. He was the real father of photography, for he produced the first photographic picture on record without camera and without lens, with the same chemical compound and the same beautiful and wonderful combination of natural colours which we now employ. Little did he dream what was to follow.”

(Source: The Evolution of Photography, 1854-1890, by John Werge, Published in 1890.)

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