ABSTRACT SMOKE #1, Edit E on 21 August 2019 Smoke Art Photography

Title: “ABSTRACT SMOKE #1, Edit E on 21 August 2019”.

Creation Date: 21 August 2019.



Series: SMOKE-ART.

Series Year: 2009—2019.
Copyright 2019 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.
#Penang, #Malaysia.

Blog: smokephotographist.wordpress.com


☆ Fine-Art Prints and Canvas Sales Gallery Site Link @imagekind:


“I just read a post by someone on Deviant Art, saying that IF your artwork generally gets ignored (online) it is because it is not unique enough. I would disagree with that. I see a lot of overly done subjects (e.g. flowers, etc.), which get all kinds of love (for some reason) from many people.

I personally don’t understand how so much average artwork gets so much attention. I’m just saying.

Maybe people just prefer cliche art that is accompanied by poetry, or personal anecdotes (The Recipe)? I don’t know….inquiring minds want to know.

Must I conform to that recipe to get more attention? I’m not one to conform. Never have been.

One thing I do agree with, according to that Deviant Art author, is to ‘Do work that you like!’ Yes. I do, do work that I like. I would hope I could convert many many viewers to ‘like’ my work. However, that may not be the case. I will stay true to myself. If along the way, I get sooooooooo ‘popular’ that I don’t know what to do with “all of that popularity” (The Problem), WOW, wouldn’t that just be nifty!

However, in my (working on) 13 years of blogging, I haven’t really had that problem, LMAO!

☆ My “Grateful For” statement for today: I am grateful for the people who take time to look at (or read) my blog (and my artwork), and who appreciate the detail (and chaos) and uniqueness I attempt to design into each piece—Thank You!

It is now raining. No need to water my trees and plants, I am also grateful for that too!”

#calm, #cloudy, #Ethereal, #good, #green, #purple, #imagekind, #Johnson, #lyrical, #Nawfal, #photography, #red, #smokeart, #SmokeArt, #smokephotographist, #soft, @imagekind, #alien, #ambidextrous, #blue, #chaos, #RorschachArt, #green, #mirrored, #orange, #order, purple, #red, #smoke, #complex, #NawfalJohnsonNur, #BehindtheLensBlog, #AbstractExpressionismPhotography, #ContemporaryArt,

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