Day: December 13, 2019

Little Red-Skulled Demon Weaves Light under the Masonic Temple, aka, ALS #435

Title: “Little Red-Skulled Demon Weaves Light under the Masonic Temple, aka, ALS #435”.

Creation Date: 13 December 2019.
By: Nawfal Johnson.
Copyright 2019 Nawfal Johnson
All Rights Reserved
Penang, Malaysia



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☆ Artist’s Note:

Note #1:

The Red-Skulled Demon is almost in the center (of the art piece), and the Compass and Square (Common Masonic Symbology) is above the Demon. The Demon is underground, in a dungeon under the Temple. The Demon is NOT a prisoner of the Masons, no, it is the Ruler, who leads from below the surface. ■ Alternatively, there is a skull-in-a-skull, and in that case, the Compass and Square become part of the bigger skull.

Note #2:

I know this is NOWHERE close to as Skilled, or as Interesting, or as MASTERFULLY CRAFTED, as the Duct-Taped Banana “Masterpiece”, which sold for 120K, but I do the best I can, even though I know, deep down, I will never surpass the Artistry or Sophistication of “Artists” like “El BananaMan”, the Master of Duct Tape and Rotten Fruits and Vegetables—A Legend of Modern Art!

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