My First Art Photograph of 2020, TREE IMPRESSIONS #10, aka, “Integrity”.

Title: “TREE IMPRESSIONS #10, aka, “Integrity”.

Creation Date: 6 January 2020.


Series Years: 2019 – 2020 (On-going).
Copyright 2020 Nawfal Johnson
All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

Definition of Integrity.

1: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : INCORRUPTIBILITY.

Integrity: the MOST important code to me, and one of the most challenging to adhere to (for me). It is so easy to be thrown off the Integrity-tracks. Each time I screwup, I repeat the word, “Integrity”, to remind myself of the moral code I so much want to live by.

☆ One great definition of “Integrity” I heard once, was: ‘To not be ashamed or afraid of your actions and how you conduct yourself in your private life, because your private actions and behaviours are as morally good as your actions and behaviours you let people see and experience in your public life.’

That is a powerful concept, and a difficult concept for us mere mortals.

Yeah, Integrity is a Life Code that I continually must work on — I am far from perfect.

☆ I named this Tree Impressions art photograph, “Integrity” because no matter where you look in this work, left-right, or, up-down, you see the equal counterpart— they are essentially the same, just mirrored. It is what I consider, and symbolic of, Public-Private Actions and Behaviours. What you see on one side in this work is equivalent to what’s on the other side. If, one side is different (in this work), then it symbolically means I have strayed from my moral code, or my values, and action must be taken to restore balance, and to learn from my mistakes.

It is NOT easy….It is really hard.

However, to live a life of Integrity is very important to me, and I’m sure I’ll be working on fixing my mistakes throughout life, and at least attempting to get closer to Living a Life with more time spent in the “Light Side”, and less time in the “Dark Side” (that must be a Star Wars reference of some sort).

☆ In short: Do Better…Be Better!

Main Influences for Exploring New Adventures and Viewpoints with Photography:

1) Andreas Bernhard Lyonel Feininger (December 27, 1906 – February 18, 1999)
2) Carl Fischer (B. 1924), was a longtime Photographer for Esquire magazine.

☆ Buy Gallery Prints and Fine Art Canvas of this Photographic Artwork, at the following Link:

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