Day: June 22, 2020

Abstract Cloud-Art #1, on 22 June 2020

Behind the Lens

Title: “Abstract Cloud-Art #1, on 22 June 2020” .
Creation Date: 22 June 2020.
Genre: Cloud-Art Photography .
Collection Date: 2011 to Present (On-Going).
Copyright 2020 Nawfal Johnson .
All Rights Reserved .
Penang, Malaysia .
No Unauthorized Use!
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My need to design very dark shades of grey, is inherently within me already, as I love the use of very contrasty Back and White imagery. However, if one Photographer has influenced me with regards to the use of very contrasty Black and White Photography, it would probably be Wynn Bullock (April 18, 1902 – November 16, 1975), who used the effect of very contrasty imagery with much success.

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