Candid Portrait

CANDID PORTRAIT of MAWI ~ Malaysian Singer & Actor

Candid Portrait of MAWI.

Dance and Stage-Mawi-IMG_7603-Edited-24May2013, NJN667Z

Subject:  MAWI
Candid Portrait.
MAWI is a Malaysian Singer and Actor…Performing Artist.
This image is from my 2009 archives, and I just discovered it again.  I thought it was a good informal candid, which kind of captures his casual personality off-stage,

Trishaw Peddler Resting along Lorong Madras

Trishaw Peddler Resting along Lorong Madras, originally uploaded by fine-grain.

A trishaw peddler rests inside his trishaw along Lorong Madras, Penang, Malaysia.

The key to showing the image like this is diligent cropping until I had only the subject showing in the frame. Everything else was distracting to me.

A tight crop works well to isolate your main subject. That is one benefit to a larger pixel count camera – the more cropping can be done and still have a good sized final image.

Be Happy! Crop until you Drop! Isolate your Subject!