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Recently, I heard a photographer, one that I respect quite considerably, say that when he takes a photograph, he approaches the task as a “story teller”.

That got me thinking about how I approach taking photographs.

I know that I am NOT a “story teller” – that is something I can be quite certain of.

What is my definition of a “Photographer Story Teller”? This is a Photographer who can see a scene, and then through the visual art of Still Photography, translate onto film (or digital file) what is happening, or what had happened in that scene.

Some Photographers are expert at this story telling skill. Recently, I read an article about Chargesheimer (aka, Karl Heinz Hargesheimer), who was a Street Photographer / Social Documentary Photographer after the Second World War. His photographs show life in urban Germany in the 1950’s and 60’s. I think People, Place and Time captured in one frame, when done skillfully by the Photographer, then an observer can pretty quickly see what the environment and atmosphere are in that place. When the necessary elements are put into place in the photographic frame, when the image is captured at that decisive moment, then that makes a “story telling photograph”…A good story telling photograph.

I think that I’m an “interpreter-alchemist”.

I do not go into a photographic session hoping to tell a story. If I were photographing people in a social environment, then yes, I would hope to capture their story. But I shoot “things” usually. Small subjects.

I look at an item, the subject. I eyeball it for a time…sometimes for a long time and I see how it looks, the form, the design, the texture and color. And then, I ask myself, “How do I want to make this look? How should I interpret this subject?” “How can I change this subject to look the way I want (or need) it to look?”

I am of the opinion that my small subjects don’t have stories. What is important to me is to interpret and change (the “alchemist” part) the subjects as I see them in my minds eye. Therefore, when I look at one of my photographs I can say: “This is how I view this subject…This is how I wanted people to see this ‘thing’. My photographs may be total misrepresentations of the real makeup of the subject. I may change the color, the hue, the physical features, or make it so that the item defies gravity, marks time, or any other number of features that will help me change the subject to my visual interpretation.

Well…maybe you have a different way of approaching your photography, and that is good. We all can’t be the same, and differences make us human and creative beings.

Have fun!

“The Magic Pill” – RA DAY, 6 July 2008, Edit F

“The Magic Pill.” Well, there’s really NO “magic pill”, but for me with combating Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), my weapon of choice is Voltaren, thus the big-“V”. It is an OK choice for AS.

However, there are OVER 100 types of Arthritis out there now!!! One source claims 171 types of Arthritis exist. Thus, depending on what you have, certain drugs may or may not relieve the swelling and pain.

Here in Malaysia, there is a launching of National RA Day…6th July. This is good because it will help bring awareness to the general public as well as help those who suffer from arthritis, and in this case, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I wanted to do my part to spread the word, make people aware, and do something creative with my art photography to advertise the National RA Day.

If you are concerned about, experience RA, or know someone who suffers from RA, then please, get yourself educated on this disease so you can help yourself, or someone you care about!

What I couldn’t quite understand, however, was why would they hold an Arthritis talk-event in the early morning, and 8:30am is early for many of us, because it takes longer than that, some days, to start feeling halfway human and moving looser.  1PM  or 2PM would be a better time to have an Arthritis event, well, in my general opinion.

On a different note:  If you publish a blog from Flickr, DON’T believe it when it says it failed to publish the blog.  It told me that three times, and I came to WordPress and it was published three times.

Bane in the Face of Finding Happiness

Metaltocracy by Nawfal Nur

by Nawfal Nur
All Rights Reserved

“Conformity and obedience,
Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth,
Makes slaves of men and of the human frame,
A mechanized automaton.”
{Percy Bysshe Shelley – Source: Queen Mab, 1813}

“Truth is the bane of the Truthful.”