Crazy Beetle, Edit C The Iritis Fine Art Photography Collection

Crazy Beetle, Edit C The Iritis Fine Art Photography Collection

Title: “Crazy Beetle, Edit C”.

Creation Date: 31 August 2018.

Series: Black & White Ambidextrous Smoke-Art Photography.

Collection: The Iritis Collection.

Collection Years: 2013 to 2018 (Ongoing).

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson.

All Rights Reserved.

Penang, Malaysia.

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Collection Description:
THE IRITIS COLLECTION” is a group of images that were created and designed during Sept., and Oct., 2013; and August and September 2018, while suffering with a dangerous eye disease called Iritis. I can testify to the fact that this eye disease indeed, causes much suffering, and it is dangerous too, if not treated early. Experiencing Iritis, is like having nails pounded into your eye, at least that is what I think it must be similar to. If left untreated, Iritis can cause glaucoma and blindness. Many, about 15% or more of people with Ankylosing Spondylitis (A.S.), like I have, will experience Iritis. A lot of us A.S. owners, will have chronic Iritis, like I do—I get Iritis about every one or two years, and the symptoms can persist for anywhere from two or three weeks, to three months!

This Collection encompasses images from several series: 1) Abstract Cabbage; 2) The Kings; 3) Shells, 4) Wired, and 5) Black & White Ambidextrous Smoke-Art Photography. I also had Iritis in 2015, and 2016, but I did not contribute works to this collection during those Iritis episodes.

☆ One last thing, someone with Iritis should avoid sunlight, eating shellfish, AND doing work on the computer! Oops! Yeah, that last one is very tough for someone who depends on using the computer to design their photographs and artwork, like I do. Nevertheless, by using the computer, which will strain your Iritis eye(s), you can increase the time it takes to heal, and also, you may damage your eye(s) more. I limit my time on the computer very much when having Iritis. This is a very horrible disease for me as a Photographist.

☆☆ The other (last) point I want to make clear is that with unclear and diminished eyesight, I need to know that I can still create photographic artworks. My eyesight is very important, and as an Artist and a Photographer, having to deal with a chronic and dangerous eye disease is very troubling, troublesome, and challenging.


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