Pure Evil Smoke Art Photography Artwork, and my New Color Name, PURE EVIL

Color Code: #D31C34 is “PURE EVIL”! It’s not Pure Evil, it is just the Unofficial Name I have given that Hex Color Code.

Title: “Pure Evil”.

Creation Date of the Naming for Color, ‘Pure Evil’: 16 February 2019.

Copyright 2019 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia


Genres: Abstract Photography. Smoke Art Photography.


Artist’s Note:

“This work, “Pure Evil”, is now in two of my art photography series: ‘Colour-Dominance’, and originally in ‘Ethereal Dreams and Nightmares’. It fits in too well with the ‘Colour-Dominance’ series to leave it out. Plus, I wanted to unofficially name a specific colour (specific Hex Color #); and thus, I do here by name Hex Color Code #D31C34 is “PURE EVIL”!”

“The other reason that this Smoke Art Photography artwork is titled, “Pure Evil,” is because the Demonic Pareidolia Face, just below-dead-center in this work is one of the most EVIL faces ever to appear in any of my Smoke Art or Fire Portraits images.”


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ETHEREAL DREAMS & HOPE:  a Photographic Collection with Words to Boost Your Spirit - Third Edition, by Nawfal Johnson Nur

ETHEREAL DREAMS & HOPE: a Photographic Collection with Words to Boost Your Spirit - Third Edition, by Nawfal Johnson Nur

My New Book, Smoke Art, Arthritis and Depression

What does Smoke Art Photography, Arthritis and Depression all have in common?  Well, these are the main topics inside my new book (just published earlier today)!

The description in the photo caption (above) gives a really good indication of my book’s content.

  • My book shows 34 of my smoke art photographs, the Ethereal Dreams & Hope Collection, which includes photos taken between 2007 and June 2011.

Because I have suffered with arthritis for many years, a little over 30 years now, and have coped with long bouts of depression, I wanted this book project to be more than just a book of photographs.  I wanted to mix in words of hope, and together the photos and the words of hope make up this project.

  • I discuss a little about my beginnings with photography.  I also discuss very general details about ankylosing spondylitis, and depression.  I talk about some of my own personal experiences finding out that I have these conditions, and some story about dealing with these medical issue.

Over all, I just want to offer my book as a way to help other people dealing with pain and despair, a way to see things in terms of ‘hope’, and to stress the importance of ‘action’ to make ‘hopes,’ ‘dreams,’ and ‘goals’ to come true.

  • If nothing else comes out of my book, I will be very happy if someone, somewhere, has gotten some reassurance from my words, that things can be better even when living with pain and sadness.  It does not always have to be this way, but much of the effort will be up to you.

Perhaps by reading my book, this can be a small step, at least to see things in terms of ‘hope.’  You may also like seeing my photographs of smoke art – and that would be a real added bonus.

Thank you and take care!





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“ETHEREAL DREAMS” Smoke Art by Nawfal Johnson Nur.

This is my 2011 Calendar. Each month of the calendar shows a different smoke art creation. These images are creations of smoke photography. The smoke images create imaginary ethereal subjects.

The subjects seen are very individualized interpretations. In other words, what I see in the smoke may be totally different from what you see in the smoke.

I have included the national holidays of The United States, Canada and Mexico.

Here’s a tip on how to enjoy the photographs of my calendar for a longer time than usual, AND, get more for your money. Each photograph, which is printed on high-quality glossy photo paper, can be removed from the calendar, matted and framed. THEREFORE, you are not only purchasing a calendar, but for the SAME PRICE, you are purchasing 12 individual artwork pieces that you can matte and frame to enjoy a long time.

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Nawfal Nur’s 2008 Calendar Now Available for Sale!

2008 Calendar by Nawfal Nur - Now Available for Sale!

Please take a look at my new 2008 Calendar, called ETHEREAL. It’s for Sale at my LULU Store. It’s a collection from my Smoke Photographs, a Series also called “ETHEREAL”. Thanks for taking a look and ordering a calendar!

Cloaked Figure & Masked Demons, Edit F

Cloaked Figure & Masked Demons, Edit F, originally uploaded by fine-grain.

Series: “ETHEREAL”
Category: Fine Art
Genre: Smoke Photography

A white cloaked (shrouded) figure among masked demons.

This is a very “figurative” and “interpretive” shot. Abstract at the extreme, and a bit of an obsession for me. A constant battle in this world between the good and the bad, the righteous and the wicked. One apparently cannot exist without the other. This image probably exemplifies these concepts more than any of my other images, that is, in an abstract dimension.

A Few Series I’m Working On!

A Few Fine Art Series in the Works!

Ethereal“, “ONE Glass” and “Penang Trees” are fine art photography series, which I have been paying particular attention to over the past several weeks.

Click on the photograph (above), and the link will take you to the Artist Statements for these three series. I thought I would provide a little more information behind the works. If you are interested, please have a look.

Thank You!