High Key & High Contrast People, Edit B

High Key & High Contrast People, Edit B

High Key & High Contrast People, Edit B
High Key & High Contrast, B&W People Photography.

How to…

Well, I have added this two-photo frame to my Photostream (@ Flickr) because I was asked, recently, how I did my high key & high contrast people photos. I’m OK with sharing knowledge.

IF you are interested in this type of “High-K-C” photography, then you can always begin with using my method as your initial point and then find your style…that’s always best.

My Process:

Start out with a good color photograph.  Then, convert it anyway you wish to, to B&W.  I use PhotoImpact X3, implementing any native or 3rd Party filter (plugin) to convert to B&W.  I like OptikverveLabs Filters – such as “Satin Steel” (under PRESETS – B&W), to convert to a B&W image.  You will have many ways to adjust the Presets to get the look you want.

Go Here to get the Package (FREE):  http://optikvervelabs.com/

** Using the various levers to control Contrast, Brightness…choice to use Red, Blue, or Green filters brightness, Softness (increases brightness), and a number of secondary filters (the EFFECTS box), allows you a good range of ways to get that High Key and High Contrast Look. **

After the conversion – effects step, I usually adjust the high-mid-low tones in PhotoImpact to get the look I want from a “High K-C” Photo.

My final steps may be working with the Dodge & Soften Tools to clean up any “sharp” edges (where the tone transitions are not very gradual).

Well, there it is…I’ve told you one of the tools I use, sometimes, that I like for good effects.  I won’t tell you the exact settings I use because you should not carbon copy styles…this is where you challenge yourself to develop your own style, and simply what your eye tells you is cool.


Uploaded by BEHIND the LENS with Nawfal Nur on 15 Jan 09, 2.05PM MYT.

A Few Series I’m Working On!

A Few Fine Art Series in the Works!

Ethereal“, “ONE Glass” and “Penang Trees” are fine art photography series, which I have been paying particular attention to over the past several weeks.

Click on the photograph (above), and the link will take you to the Artist Statements for these three series. I thought I would provide a little more information behind the works. If you are interested, please have a look.

Thank You!


ONE Glass – Sarong Material-Blues, Edit C

ONE Glass – Sarong Material-Blues, Edit C, originally uploaded by fine-grain.

Series: “ONE Glass”.
Title: “ONE Glass – Sarong Material-Blues”.

This is the third work in my “ONE Glass” Series. This is another ‘high-key’ sample from the collection.

Again, the glass blends into the bright, seamless background; but in this case, the sarong material kind of looks like it has transformed into a solid, thus, making up the rest of the container (as if there is no glass). Only when you see the rim of the wine glass, do you really notice the glass again.

New High-Key Floral

Honolulu Creeper, v9July07-wp

“Honolulu Creeper, 9 July 07”

Actually, I don’t have much to say today; however, I thought I should put up a new work so that you know that I have not fallen off the face of the planet – still here!

Live long and prosper!”