EXPLORER – Another Platinum-Digital Image of a Modern Ship


“EXPLORER” Cruise Ship, taken by Nawfal Nur.

Copyright 2007 by Nawfal Nur
All Right Reserved

This is another of my Platinum-digital images of a modern ship. This is the “Explorer” – a modern cruise ship.

I took this image while crossing from Butterworth to Penang, on the ferry.
Keep in mind that taking pictures from a rough rolling platform, like a ferry, is not an easy task.

There are three things to keep in mind and watch out for if photographing
from a sea-going vessel:

1) If it is a double-decker ferry, move yourself to the top deck to avoid ocean spray. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time wiping sea water from your lens.

2) Support yourself! Forget about camera shake – worry about photographer shakes! If you can support your elbows on the side of the boat as you take photographs, then do it. You may not have brought a tripod with you, and it may just get in your way in this case. Your elbows become your makeshift tripod.

3) Because the ferry moves up and down with the waves, so do you and your camera. If you have a grid (split into thirds) in your viewfinder, or on your LCD screen, then use it! With my camera, there is an off/on option for the grid screen, and it became very useful in this instance. Use it if you have it! Attempt to keep the horizon along one of the horizontal lines as you take photographs.

Bonus Tip)  Keep the sun to your back!  Glare at sea is a photo-killer.

Good Luck!

Storm at Sea, v5

Storm at Sea, v5, originally uploaded by fine-grain.

Storm at Sea, v.5” is an image made in 2006. It was originally a color digital image made with a Canon G2. The sky was amazing and dangerous looking. The little fishing boats stuck in the muddy water during this low tide seem helpless…they were going to get it! The blackened sky looks like it is going to eat up what is remaining of the bright portion on the left and then let loose with a hell-of-a storm.

Nothing happens when you sit at home. I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times…I just shoot at what interests me at that moment.” -Elliott Erwitt

For that same reason, I always like to remind myself that my “best” camera is also the one I have with me.