Door & Window near old Ibu HQ Polis, Penang, v1

Door & Window near old Ibu HQ Polis, Penang, v1, originally uploaded by fine-grain.

Door & Window near old Ibu HQ Polis, Penang, v1

Colorful door and window of an abandoned house near the old, main Balai Polis, Penang.

This was a nighttime shot.

I’m not sure why, but WordPress and Flickr still don’t play very nice together. I much prefer my WordPress photography journals and the format here. However, Blogger is much more compatible with Flickr. Sending my images to Blogger is flawless. Whenever I blog my Flickr images, I always get this text above the image:

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }
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I know, it’s not that big a deal; nevertheless, it’s kind of irritating! This text does not show up in my Blogger journal.

Oh well, because I like WordPress much more than Blogger, I’ll just have to put up with this little inconvenience until WordPress and Flickr play nicer together.

Old Bike with Old Basket!

“Old Bike by the Sea”

(c) 2005 Nawfal Nur

I was so grateful that I had my camera on the day I spotted this scene. An old bike just sitting next to the edge of the sea. With this scene and the background being very bright, you can do a couple of things to bring out the details of your main subject, in this photo, the main subject of course is the old bike.

You can use your camera flash to highlight the main subject in the foreground. Because this shot was taken mid-day, the ocean was extremely bright. I’m glad that the background is considerably washed out, and this was intentional. Too much background detail would detract from the bike’s details. Experiment with flash output. This is easy enough to do nowadays with the instant review of shots in the LCD of your digital camera. Once you have the balance you are looking for, by reviewing your photos at the scene, stick with that level of flash output.