Olympus Global Photo Contest

Crushed Art Pencils Abstract Colour-Field Photography

Olympus Global Photo Contest 2017/2018

“Crushed Art Pencils, No.3”

Style: Abstract Colour-Field Photography.

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved.

Penang, Malaysia .

☆ My good art colour pencils were sacrificed for the greater-good of making artworks.

Link to Image at Olympus Global Photo Contest :



Here is a better presentation of my photograph.


I don’t believe I have gotten any likes on any of my photographs at the Olympus contest, but that seems very typical. Either people don’t visit my images, or they aren’t interesting……….hahaha! The people aren’t interesting, not my photos.

OR, people DON’T hit the “Like” button for my photos…….

because, there are no beautiful women in them.

Hey, I will hit the “Like” button within 5 seconds of seeing a photograph that has a gorgeous woman in it. Don’t you? Come on, be honest…it doesn’t necessarily need to be a good photo overall as long as the photographer has not cut the top of the model’s head off, or blown-out the highlights. The background won’t matter too much either, as long as, there are no pointy tree branches sticking out of the model’s head, as if she had been jabbed with a stick to the head. As long as the model is beautiful, nothing else really matters, HIT THE FRACKING “LIKE” BUTTON, RIGHT! That’s the way it usually goes.

But, of course, I am being a little sarcastic, can’t you tell? The Devil IS in the details!

I just hope the judges do not base their decision on the number of ridiculous “Likes” a photo has…

… Because, the number of Likes do NOT determine a photograph’s quality!

I can guarantee you that there are probably plenty of so-so photographs of pretty women in them, submitted to this contest—I am just taking an educated guess based on previous experiences with other photography contests. That is fine and OK, but please, I hope the judging of images looks beyond superficial matters, and instead, looks at details, composition, quality, etc. And, I’m sure Olympus will because of their respected judges.