NEW From My “Abstract Expressionism Photography” Series “CSC-1295, Edit C”

NEW From My “Abstract Expressionism Photography” Series!

Title: “CSC-1295, Edit C”.

Creation Date: 7 March 2019

Copyright 2019 Nawfal Johnson

All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

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Artist’s Note:

So what is it, if you are wondering?

The original photographs that comprise this art photograph were macro images of scratches on the bottom and side surfaces of a Teflon frying pan. The crazy lines made by the scratches got me wondering, “What If…..?” And then, I carefully composed a few frames until I got compositions that I was happy with. The bottom surface of the pan was curved, so capturing good, ‘In-Focus’, macro images isn’t as easy as you may think. It takes some critical thinking and knowledge of macro photography to get the composition done properly. I was happy with the final design.”


I have over 85 Photography Series. I consider myself an Abstract Expressionism Photographist, and I have photographed in this style for 20 or more years. Believe it or not, up until just recently (mid-2018), I had not created an Abstract Expressionism Photography Series—In a way, that seems completely ludicrous to me!

Typically, all of my Abstract Expressionism photographic artworks have been designed for other photography series, so I guess I never thought there was a need for a photo series called, “Abstract Expressionism Photography”.

However, with my work titled, “Descent into Tartarus” (2018), I had no collections that were specifically appropriate for that artwork. And after searching my many series, I could not find one titled, Abstract Expressionism Photography! Therefore, that is how this series came into existence. It was a process of discovery: I discovered that I needed an “Abstract Expressionism Photography” series.

Anyone who follows my work will know that Jackson Pollock is my main artistic influence. Thus, my Abstract Expressionism Photography artworks are in the fashion of All-Over Painting, and my works are full of chaos, action, dynamic colours, and design.
#AbstractExpressionism, #NawfalJohnsonNur, #geometricshapes, #sharp, #lines, #edge, #cracked, #fractured, #cool, #imagekind, #JacksonPollock, #Psychoactive, #Psychedelic, #EndoftheLine, #red, #brown, #pink, #yellow, #purple, #salmon, #chaos, #ambidextrous, #intersection, #lines, #order,

When You Become Uninspired!

Yes, I have become rather uninspired at the moment.

I am truly having difficulty feeling good about Creating and Designing NEW Art Photography! Don’t worry, I am not alone. At some point I think that most Creative’s will reach a horrible stretch in their creative lives where the main question they ask themselves is, “Why?”

I am asking myself that question, “Why?”

☆ There must be some overwhelming drive to make an Artist keep creating new artwork. When that ‘Driving Force’ becomes stalled in space, so to speak, inertia sets in and it leads to “Why?”

I believe that Without Inspiration, an Artist will find it very difficult to honestly create artworks they are proud of, and that joy to exhibit those new artworks, fades away.

The ‘Driving Force’ will return — The Joy will Return in Time.

■ “A body at rest will remain at rest until it is acted upon by an external force!”

I believe that Physics law is true for Artists who are in a creative rut: it will take some external force to nudge them, to get the momentum and creativity rolling again.

The External Force:

  1. It could be as simple as Seeing Something with Fresh Eyes.
  2. It could be help and encouragement from a fellow Artist.
  3. It could be a supportive comment from someone who admires the Artist’s work.
  4. It could be travelling to a new environment to liven the soul.
  5. It could be a sale of the Artist’s work.
  6. It could be the prospect and looking forward to an upcoming exhibition.
  7. It could be many, many things.

☆ Positive ‘External Forces’ can have a huge positive impact on an Artist who has become uninspired, become stuck in a creative rut, or even become strangled and stressed out with bad personal news to the point that the mind is overwhelmed to the point that it cannot concentrate on being creative….it can happen…and it has happened to me—now.

I am constantly thinking of ways to get back to being my creative self, but some personal roadblocks must be cleared first, and I am one who needs Positive ‘External Forces’ when things become overwhelmingly stressful.

I have no solutions, yet, but I will, I just need time to sort things out.

I don’t know if my Art Photography truly inspires anyone — I really hope I am, or, my work is of some inspiration to someone. I would like to believe that in some small way, at least, my Art Photography has added some artistic life to the Universe’s overall artistic ocean. ~ I said that. ~

That is all for now. More Art Photography is coming soon.

Ab-Exp, No1, on 11 June 2018

Title: “Ab-Exp, No1, on 11 June 2018”.

Creation Date: 11June 2018.

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson .

All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia



The big question is, Why?

“Because I can.”


My Big Artist’s Statement Bollocks:

“My work explores the relationship between strict Critical Theory and repressive Urban Recycling Culture.

With influences as diverse as Rousseau and Benny Hill, new tensions are synthesized from both constructed and discovered discourse.

Ever since I was a small child of two or threes years old, I have been fascinated by the ethereal nature of relationships between Sesame Street dynamics and Astrophysics ethics. What starts out as contemplation soon becomes manipulated into a dialectic of temptations, leaving only a sense of decadence and the prospect of a new reality.

I am often struck with genius inspiration as if touched by the tip of Athena’s javelin. However, if inspiration alludes me, I resort to staying awake for three consecutive days, and gardening in the nude.

As wavering forms become clarified through diligent and repetitive practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the edges of our psychedelic future.”

Yellow-Orange Surface Tension, v3, 2018, Water Droplets Macro

Title: “Yellow-Orange Surface Tension, v3, 2018.”

Creation Year v3: 2018.

Series: Alien Water.

Series Years: 2007 to Present.

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson.

All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

Macro, Water Droplet, Surface Tension, Conceptual Physics Photograph.


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The Original image was created with my old CANON Powershot A620 (circa., 2005)! People are so jacked-up about getting the latest and greatest gear, yet many fail to see what they can actually do with the gear they already have.

I am Quite Certain that I am Stuck in the “WordPress Sine-Wave-Like Subscribe-Unsubscribe Do-Until-Loop”!

Yes, there is no doubt about it anymore, folks—I am quite certain, without a doubt, that I have mysteriously gotten myself stuck in some sort of WordPress-Hell-Dimension, better known as the “WordPress Sine-Wave-Like Subscribe-Unsubscribe Do-Until-Loop”.

Why do I suspect such a thing?


Anyone here, among the few, but the loyal readers of my ever-looping sine-wave-like blog subscription, blog, who does not know what a “Do-Until-Loop” is?

It is an old computer programming term. Anyway, if not, here is the definition, but translate that into the “Do-Loop” taking control of my Realty-Matrix-Like existence.

A high-level programming language structure that repeats instructions based on the results of a comparison. In a DO WHILE loop, the instructions within the loop are performed if the comparison is true. In a DO UNTIL loop, the instructions are bypassed if the comparison is true.

Source : http://www.yourdictionary.com/do-loop

And, what is my “Do-Loop”, or, my “Do-Until Loop”?

The problem is that Bumstead (“Bumstead” refers to me for this post) is always just under, or just over, 1600 subscribers: When Bumstead gets 1600 Followers, here is the natural course of things:

⊙ DO Add One to the count of Subscribers UNTIL the Count is Equal To 1607, and then, when the Count Equals 1607, DO Subtract One from the Subscribers UNTIL the Subscribers Equals 1595, and then, DO Add One to the Subscribers UNTIL Subscribers Equal 1607, and then,…

And…Ad Infinitum…

Or, Until Bumstead goes Crazy-ape-Bonkers, and simply stops blogging and caring about such things.

Is 1600 one of those Satanic Illuminati Numbers?

I don’t think 1600 is a “Dark Forces” number. However, maybe it is my “Dark Forces” number.

I don’t think that my 1600, give or take 5 or 7 subscribers, are conspiring against me….Or, are they? Hummmmmmm…

Maybe they all communicate and keep tabs on my Subscriptions Number, and when they see my number goes down to 1595, they communicate with the group, and those who unsubscribed recently, re-subscribe to get my numbers just over 1600. When they notice my number of subscribers hitting 1607, they quickly communicate with each other, and some 7, or 12 subscribers slowly unsubscribe to gradually get my subscribers’ number down below 1600 again.

Could be…


Is my Photography and Art Blog so Damned Excruciatingly Horrifically Terrible, that people would actually make it a point AND spend valuable time to unsubscribe? SERIOUSLY….IS IT!?!

For me, if I subscribe to blogs that I actually don’t visit, I just let it be. I don’t waste my time keeping track of blogs I DON’T visit—I keep track of the blogs I want to visit on a regular basis. It hurts me not, to continue subscribing to blogs I don’t visit…I don’t intentionally unsubscribe to blogs unless if the blog suddenly publishes hurtful, harmful, or morally reprehensible content.


I do not publish hurtful content.

I do not publish harmful content.

I do not publish morally reprehensible content.


Does my Photography and Artwork have the same repulsive power that Garlic has against Vampires?

Holy Bajeezers! I hope my Photography and Artwork are not like Garlic.


IF, and that is an unknown “IF”, everything is running normal and I am relatively productive and publishing blogs every week, and that is something that I do. And, IF I attempt to publish my best and most interesting works, and if my artworks and photographs are not like Cryptonite to the eyes of other bloggers, and, IF randomly other WordPress bloggers visit my site, as well as, my regular subscribers, THEN, NORMALLY, I THINK THAT OVER TIME, IF ALL OF THOSE JUST MENTIONED CONDITIONS ARE ACHIEVED, AND I ALSO VISIT OTHER PEOPLE’S BLOGS, AND INTERACT IN SOME WAY, THEN, one should expect a normal increase of subscribers over time.

I DO NOT THINK that my Sine-Wave like Subscribers’ trend over the last year or more, is normal. I think it is in fact, abnormal. In fact, it makes no bloody sense at all!

If people really want to unsubscribe from my blog for no apparent reasons, then it is simply Tough-Cookies for me. If my blog is so horrible, however, then why did you sign up in the first place? Think about that.

I have continually tried to improve my content, both in my exhibiting of my Photography and Artwork, and, in writing informative posts to teach specific lessons about photography. Occasionally, I stray off the Photography and Artwork tracks, and discuss about my incurable diseases, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Osteoporosis, and Ménière’s Disease. These health conditions are part of me and I discuss how they affect my general life and my artistic life, so these topics are not very off-topic after all. I also discuss my Genealogy occasionally, because it is of interest to me, and it is also part of who I am, so I feel like it is an interesting subject to research and write about. Nonetheless, probably 90% of my blog posts are art and photography related.


Why are any of the topics I write about offensive enough, or so incredibly boring, to make anyone want to purposefully unsubscribe from my blog?!?

I have no clue, and no answer to that question. I cannot fathom any good reasons to unsubscribe from blogs unless if they do any of the three things I mentioned previously: publishing hurtful, harmful, or immoral content.

Maybe it is a conspiracy—Stranger things can happen, although, it is improbable.

☆ That being the case, when all logical things have been reduced and discarded, then the TOTALLY Ridiculous must be the answer: I MUST BE STUCK in the WordPress Sine-Wave-like, Subscribe-Unsubscribe Do-Until-Loop! That is the answer, it must be! Or…maybe not.



Within the time it took to write, edit, and publish this blog post, I LOST ONE MORE SUBSCRIBER!


This is unfrackingbeliveable!

Descent into Tartarus, Edit D ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM PHOTOGRAPHY by Nawfal Johnson

Title: “Descent into Tartarus, Edit D”.

Creation Date: 9 March 2018.

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson .

All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia


I have over 80 Photography Series, and I consider myself an Abstract Expressionism Photographist. And yet, I cannot believe that I have not made an Abstract Expressionism Photography Series before—In a way, that seems ludicrous to me.

ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM PHOTOGRAPHY is my 83rd fine art photography series.

Typically, all of my Abstract Expressionism photographic artworks have been designed for other, particular, photography series.

However, with “Descent into Tartarus” (2018), I had no collections that were specifically appropriate for that artwork. And after searching my many series, I could not find one titled, Abstract Expressionism Photography! Therefore, that is how this series came into existence.

Anyone who follows my work will know that Jackson Pollack is my main artistic influence. Thus, my Abstract Expressionism Photography artworks are in the fashion of All-Over Painting, and my works are full of chaos, action, dynamic colours, design…and, expressing certain emotions that are personal to each viewer.

☆ Purchase Fine Art Photography Prints of this Artwork at my Sales Gallery at Imagekind:


#Abstract-Expressionism-Photography, #NawfalJohnson, #chaos, #order, #action-painting, #Tartarus, #GreekMythology, #hell, #beyondHell, #hot, #heat, #Pollock, #all-over-photography, #red, #orange, #black, #yellow, #flowing-movement, #alive,

CLOTHO, The Fates, Non-Geometric, Delineated, Abstract, Figurative Series

Title: “CLOTHO, Edit V”

Creation Date: 30 April 2018
Series Subject: The Fates.
Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson
All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

About Clotho:

Clotho (/ˈkloʊθoʊ/; Greek: Κλωθώ) is one of the Three Fates or Moirai who spin (Clotho), draw out (Lachesis) and cut (Atropos) the thread of Life in ancient Greek mythology. Her Roman equivalent is Nona. Clotho was responsible for spinning the thread of human life. She also made major decisions, such as when a person was born, thus in effect controlling people’s lives. This power enabled her not only to choose who was born, but also to decide when gods or mortals were to be saved or put to death. For example, Clotho brought Pelops back to life when his father boiled and killed him.” (Source: Wikipedia.org/wiki/clotho)

The Series Style: Non-Geometric, Delineated, Abstract, Figurative.

This is a three piece series. It is of a “Non-Geometric, Delineated, Abstract, Figurative, style. The three art photographs of this series are my representation of the Greek mythological Fates: Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos. There was no particular spark of influence to do this series. I am a student of Ancient Greek History, and Mythology, and I wanted to do a series of the Fates in my personal style: Non-geometric, Delineated Abstract.

☆ These artworks are mixed medium—a combination of Alcohol, Oil, and Water based ink dyes. The original material is 135 gsm art paper, and the final material is digital photography.




☆ Purchase Fine Art Photography Prints of this Artwork at my Sales Gallery at Imagekind:

Non-geometric-delineated-abstract-figurative, the-fates, Greek-Mythology, Lachesis, Atropos, Clotho, life, end-of-life, thread-of-life, Nawfal Johnson , Nur, abstraction, colour, color, chaos, order, gods, Olympus, Olympos, Asia, Pen-Art-Dyes-Artwork, fine-art, photography,



Creation Date: 9 May 2018


Series Year : 2018.

Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson.

All Rights Reserved.
SMOKE PORTRAITS are ethereal smoke images, in which, I see eerie and mystical faces—not everyone has this ability, but I guess I am very aware of such “spirits” living inside my smoke portraits. This is a new series, and DARTH BANE is the first portrait of this series (created 9 May 2018). This particular smoke portrait was influenced by the fictional work, “Path of Destruction (Star Wars: Darth Bane, Book 1)”, [Mass Market Paperback – June 26, 2007 by Drew Karpyshyn]. Darth Bane, is in a single word, a “BADASS” (yes—”Badass” is one word in my account). He is also very Evil. He is the definition of Evil Personified. I have a feeling that like my Fire Portraits Series, most all of the portraits of this series will be pretty evil, or mystical appearing.

Purchase Fine Art Photography Prints of this Artwork at my Sales Gallery at Imagekind :

#mystical, #ethereal, #smoke-art, #portraits, #NawfalJohnson , #evil, #eerie, #star-wars, #the-force, #real-life, #magical, #vertical, #red, #violet, #purple, #black, #white, #orange, #green, #faces, #unbound-chains, #power, #sith-master,

Much Work Completed, Backlogged, and not Exhibited Yet, But that is soon to Change



I constantly have new artworks…in the works.

Thus, I have many completed works that I have yet to exhibit here on my blog. That is soon to change: I just need to focus! Use the Force, Nawfal! LOL!

I think the main reason I am backlogged on the exhibition of my work here, is simply, because that is the final step in my process of working.

In simplified terms, my Work Process is thus:

  1. Planning / Cognitive Creation.
  2. Putting Ink to Paper.
  3. Completion of Work and Final Processes.
  4. Photographing the Work.
  5. Basic Editing of Photographs.
  6. Complex Editing of Photographs.
  7. Creation of Photographic Artwork.
  8. Uploading Art Photographs to My Art Gallery Sales Website, at http://nawfalnur.imagekind.com/ , and doing ALL the text detailing needed to prepare each photograph for sale.
  9. Composing Blog Posts at https://smokephotographist.wordpress.com/ to explain, exhibit, and market each new art photograph.

These are complex steps, and much of the time I get stuck at Step 4; and leave it to say, I am frustrated with this fact because I’m a Photographer! This should not be happening, but it does. Therefore, I complete a lot of works, and only then do I photograph these completed works, in batches.

  • Therefore, Steps 1 thru 3 are easy for me, but Steps 4 thru 9 are done only occasionally.
  • And thus, I need to work on photographing my artworks on a more regular schedule.

It is a Good Idea to Identify Where in Your Work Process You Have Problems

Steps 8 and 9 are also slow-going much of the time. Perhaps because Steps 8 and 9 are more like Administrative Tasks, and I find them not so fun, or maybe, too redundant. I have difficulty concentrating on repetitive tasks—I find repetitive tasks very boring.

All that I know for sure, is that I’m aware of where I get clogged-up in my work process. That is a good start. That being the case, I know where in my process I need to improve and streamline, or make it less redundant.

How BACKLOGGED Am I with Publishing and Exhibiting My Pen Artworks and Art Photography?

I think my Backlogged Artwork Period is from about 19 June 2017 until the Present. I didn’t count the number of artworks, but it is approximately 30 artworks, and probably 200 photographs.


1) Work more efficiently.

2) Avoid unproductive distractions.

3) Focus!

4) “Use the Force!”




It is very important to have your photo library images in good order, especially if you are a Photographer under contract with a Rights Managed Photo Library, like I am, with ARCANGEL.com .

  1. As a Photographer under contract, you have several obligations to uphold. You will have a specific number of photos you will need to submit per specific time: Basically, you just need to be active with your submissions.
  2. You will need to keep track of your Accepted and Rejected Photographs: That is the reason for using a good File Manager, I use the X-plore (see below) file manager.
  3. You need to make sure not to submit photographs to your Stock Library that have already been rejected! That is another reason to use the File Management App—you need a separate folder titled “REJECTED Photographs”. TAKE SCREENSHOTS of all Accepted and Rejected Photographs and move the screenshots into the appropriate folders.
  4. If the Photo Library you have a contract with, rejects photos, then you are usually allowed to submit those images to other Photo Libraries. (Some of my more favorite images submitted to my Photo Library, have been rejected. That being the case, I submitted those images to other Photo Libraries and they were accepted in many cases.
  5. Therefore, if one Photo Library rejects photos don’t give up, just resubmit those images to other Photo Libraries—Where one Photo Library finds no value in your photos, others may, so diversify your Stock Library Photography business. If ARCANGEL rejects my photos, then I can try submitting them to EyeEm or GettyImages, or many others.
  6. ☆ You need to carefully read the Terms of your Contract to see what you can do with rejected photos. Sometimes, Accepted photos can be submitted and used for uses that do not conflict or compete with your Stock Photography Library.
  7. Rejected Photographs don’t mean your photographs are no good—well, it could mean that, but a lot of times, it means the photos do not meet the style of photos needed by particular Stock Photo Libraries. ☆Thus, try not to be too discouraged.


As mentioned above, for my photograph file management, I’m presently using X-plore, Version 4.00.00.

There are several good file management apps for Android, but X-plore meets my personal requirements, and it has many options to manage files, plus it gives you access to your Cloud Storage Solutions, like OneDrive, GDrive, Dropbox, and many others.

As you can see, under my Arcangel folder, I have all the important folders needed to keep my image file organized.

Red, Black, Weeds, Blue Dot, Edit B, Environmental Still Life Photography by Nawfal Johnson

Title: “Red, Black, Weeds, Blue Dot, Edit B”.

Date: 26 April 2018.
Copyright 2018 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.


Collection Years: 2017 – 2018.

Collection Description:

This Collection is Still Life Photography, designed while walking around Penang. To be more specific, this photography is essentially ENVIRONMENTAL STILL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY. It is a record of capturing serendipity as it presents itself to me, as I go around Penang, to photograph. The subjects are colors—paints of abstract designs interacting with environmental objects, like tree leaves, water puddles, rain drops, dry and cracked dirt, colourful rocks, and anything that catches my attention and presents itself as good still life subjects.

☆ Purchase Fine Art High-Quality Photographic Prints, and Gallery-Quality Canvas Artworks:


Abstract, still-life, environmental, colourful, leaves, shells, dirt, rocks, macro, Nawfal, Johnson, Nur, active, vibrant, red, black, blue, white, expressionism, vertical,

We Do the Work, To Do the Art, And Aim for Perfection!

Brooks Jensen once said something like,

“We do the work, to do the art, not for any particular financial reward, even though that is important, but because the creative must do the work, with the aim to attain excellence.” (I am paraphrasing, and hope I came close to Jensen’s general idea.)

At first, when I heard him say that, I disagreed—slightly.

I was thinking, we spend all the time doing the artwork, to naturally advance our profession, and as any business venture, to make a profit—that is the reason people have businesses, to make profits.

Yes, making money from all of our hard work creating paintings, jewellery, sculptures, or photographs, is important. It is ESSENTIAL to make money to survive.

Needing to make a profit—I think that is something that most people do not understand about professional and freelance artisans.

We, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, need to make money, to make profits from our hard work, our products, and our services. My products are my art-photographs and I REALLY NEED PEOPLE TO PURCHASE FINE ART PRINTS OR GALLERY-QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHIC CANVASES— WHY don’t people understand this simple concept? I need people to hire me and pay me my required services’ fee for whatever photography job is required—WHY don’t people understand the Art Business Sector? It’s similar to all the rest—we all do work with the expectation of being paid for products delivered, or services rendered: Correct!?!

☆ Do Doctor’s work for free? No! Do Electricians work for free? No! Do Plumbers work for free? NO! So why does the general public often feel like Photographers should work for free, or for peanuts? It is ridiculous!

YES! All Artisans work toward perfection in their creations, and profits are not the most important aspect in the creation of artworks; nevertheless, making profits from your hard work, and creating artworks to be sold, is essential to your survival as a businessperson.

THUS, aim for perfection in all your artwork creations; however, NEVER UNDERCUT your value, or you will soon not have a business.

Confidence and Being a Photo Stock Library Photographer

How to Keep My Confidence Level at Least Above the 50% Line, is actually a “Little Bit” Difficult for Me, when considering my Escapades in the Realms of Stock Photography.

I never considered my style of Photography, as very Stock Photography suitable.

However, I am a Photographer for a reputable Rights’ Managed, International Stock Library…no need to mention the name. I really respect their business model because they fight to get proper fees for Photographers for Rights’ Managed imagery.

Nonetheless, because my photographic style is “quite abstract”, many of my image submissions are rejected. I had calculated at one time, that about 80% of my photo submissions were rejected—I’m not sure of the reasons, but it would be for either content, or quality issues with the images…or both.

I think that the picky Library policy is good…it is fine…the Library can keep their photo collections at a high level if they are picky about what they accept.

I must consider one thing, my image rejection percentage does absolutely nothing for my Confidence Level, in fact, being who I am, I would say that my Confidence goes down.

And worse yet, I would calculate that my more recent statistics would place me more into the 95% rejection level. And that, my friends does absolutely NOTHING to help my Confidence regarding my work, or my desire to do “Photo-Library” intended work.

It is very troubling for me to feel like all my efforts are wasted, when considering the time it takes to photograph, create, edit, and submit my images to the Library, when there is a 95% chance of rejection. It is kind of like getting slapped in the face every time you do a certain thing, but you do it again anyway, because you think you may get lucky and be accepted…but, in the end you get slapped in the face once again. BUT YOU TRY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN and … AGAIN, and most of the time you end up with one side of your face, or the other, stinging, and apparently, not learning from some mystical lesson that never quite reveals itself to you.

Wow! So what to do?

How the Fúçķ would I know — I’m the guy who keeps repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. Isn’t that the definition of being a “Crazoid“?

I hope I am not a Crazoid, just because I am being persistent!

So…Oh well, I will continue to submit new photographs to my Stock Library, even though I know that my style may not be “Hip”, or “Cool” Enough, or fit the standard Stock Library cookie cutter shapes and sizes.


Maybe I just suck as a Photographer! I’m still thinking that I may be trapped in some hell-dimension, AI Matrix, or something to that effect.

All I know for sure is that personally, my photo rejection level does completely nothing to help my Confidence Level as a Stock Photography Contributor.

Maybe all of this rejection is supposed to be good for me, LMAOBT! If so, then someone please impart some wisdom to me.

Yeah….so honestly, I don’t think my Photo Stock Library, Photographer, Confidence Level, will be over the 50% line….hardly ever. I don’t like to have false promises, and then, to have them crash all around me. I’m more of a realist, and I see how things are, how the world (of Photography) works, and so I may just need to learn to live with the difficulties of being a Photographer for a Stock Library: I am NOT happy with so much rejection in my life, but that is the reality I face.

☆ Here’s a video showing some of my rejected images.

☆☆[ Please keep in mind that the photographs in this video are low-resolution, cropped screenshots, so DO NOT IMMEDIATELY come to the conclusion that, “Yeah, this guy really does suck as a Photographer — No wonder most of his photographs are rejects — What a Total Buffoon!”