EGG in White Bowls Study, No1, Edit B

A photographic study of raw eggs in white bowls. Just something I wanted to do for awhile and finally took some time to do it.

Uploaded by Metal Rain on 22 May 10, 8.38PM MYT.

Information Overload!

Because this post is about information overload, it will be short and no photographs. When is being a “member” of this, that and that other site ENOUGH! I’m at the confused state! When is being a member of so many Social Networking Sites, no longer beneficial, but rather, OVERLOAD! Or is it just me: Am I just feeling overwhelmed by all the sites? Maybe I’ll feel better about it all…later.


SHELL & BUBBLES, v.3, originally uploaded by Fine-Grain.

A Still Life Photograph of a shell and bubbles as it hits a surface of water. A study of stopping motion, rendering in Black & White, and what happens when irregular subject shapes hit standing water.

Say ‘THANK YOU’ for God’s Sake!

Egg Reflections, v1, wp

Title: “Egg Reflections, v.1”
Creation Year: 2006

I hope that none of my readers fall into this category of humanity; however, if you have noticed yourself slipping into the “Abyss of Self-Absorbed Rudeness,” then pay attention!

I’m going to put it very bluntly here in this sentence: You MUST have the common, human decency of saying “THANK YOU” to anyone who shows you kindness, does something out of the ordinary, goes out of their way, goes above and beyond expectations, or does even the slightest, littlest thing for you out of the kindness of their heart, THAT THEY DID NOT EVEN NEED TO DO BECAUSE IT TOOK AWAY THEIR OWN PRECIOUS TIME TO DO!!! (three bloody exclamation points)

IF YOU DON’T SAY “Thank You” to these people, who I’ve described above, then you seriously need to be slapped, and then sent back to Civics Class for some reeducation!

There’s no damn excuse for NOT showing someone gratitude for their kindness!

The, “I was too busy” lame excuse goes well beyond my tolerance of idiotic, stupid, and unacceptable excuses: EVERYONE IS BUSY!!! HAVING NO EXCUSE GOES 10-NOTCHES BELOW RUDENESS!!!

If you think you are so much more important than everyone else, then you need to be enlightened and realize you are like everyone else, and you also need to show gratitude and thankfulness to others for things, even the smallest things they do for you…things that they need not even spend the time doing for you, but they do it because they have a kindness in them that you would NEVER understand (speaking to those who fall into the “Abyss of Self-Absorbed Rudeness” category of humanity).

So WAKE UP! No One is so important that they cannot show Gratitude.

Mahadhir, Nawfal, Stacy, Ekin & Mawi

Something a little different…I took photographs at the Mawi, Stacy, Mila, Ahli Fiqir & Mahadhir Concert last night.

Here’s a photo after the concert in the Artist’s waiting room.

I took nearly 325 photographs at the concert: It was great to get back into the Stage Photography after not doing it for awhile. A huge challenge of low-light and quick action – but a fantastic challenge and an honor to have photographed some of the best artists in Malaysia!

I’ll add some other concert photos as I edit…and re-edit.

(From Left: Mahadhir, Me, Stacy, Ekin & Mawi).


Sobering Iritis Realizations

Coffee Splash. Stop Action. White & Coffee.

I’m 15-Days into Iritis. Anyone who has experienced even one episode of Iritis will know how HORRIBLE IT IS!!! Triple Exclamation Points.

It got me thinking about how it would be, to be, “The Blurry Photographer.” And, I came to the conclusion: “That would suck!”

Well, I took this photograph today because I am so super bored, because I’m still dilated in the right eye, super blurry in vision, and on a 3-day headache. However, I just wanted to show myself that I can still photograph when blurry. Yes, it was possible.

Was it very fun? No, not very fun.

Part of the thrill, part of the fun of Photography is being able to see the results in all their CLEAR GLORY!

Having Iritis allows a photographer to see all their results in a hazy blur.

I guess I came to a sobering realization today that A BIG part of the thrill of accomplishment in photography is seeing and enjoying the results…CLEARLY!

There are a lot of things that become more clear to me as my eyesight is threatened by Iritis.

And that reminds me…I have outworn my welcome here at the computer and need to go rest my eyeball.

Thanks for your visit.

Tarian Tempurung, Malay Folk, v.2

Dance Style: Malay Folk.
Dance Name: Tarian Tempurung.
Original Shot taken with a NIKON F5, Tokina 80-200mm ATX-Pro f/2.8, using KONICA Centuria 800ASA Film.
Lighting: Only Stage Lighting.
Dance Group/Client: The Temple of Fine Arts – Penang.


Day-3 Iritis, Edit B, btl

This is what Iritis looks like.

This shot was taken on Day-3: Right now, I’m on Day-7, and it’s getting worse I think.

I’m putting this up here because I get a lot of people coming to my photography journal [ right here… ] who are seeking information about Iritis and it helps to see a good photo of what Iritis looks like, and this is it!


If your eyeball is having any of these symptoms, or if you have any of these conditions, then take it serious…"Listen" to what your eyeball is telling you (so to speak):
1) Eyeball is Feeling Painful.
2) Eyeball Feels Heavy/Sluggish.
3) If you have Ankylosing Spondylitis (like I have), or another Auto-Immune Disease.
4) If your eye is turning red (like this in the photo).
5) If your eye is VERY SENSITIVE to light.
6) If your eyesight is getting blurry or cloudy.
7) If your eye is feeling scratchy (like a sandpaper type of feeling).
8) If the affected eyeball’s pupil appears smaller than the other eyeball’s pupil.
9) If the affected eyeball is sensitive (painful) to the touch (close eyelid and gently touch around the eye).


If Iritis is left untreated, it can possibly cause Glaucoma or Blindness.

The Following is the Treatment for Iritis as I Usually Get Treatment (and this will probably vary depending on doctor and severity of Iritis):

Beginning Treatment:
1) Prednisolone Drops (4 times daily) [PRED FORTE – Prednisolone acetate 1% ]
2) Infectoflam (applied at nighttime) [NOVARTISA – FLUOROMETHOLONE 0.1% & Gentamiin 0.3% and other active ingredients ]

IF the pain continues and the Iris gets stuck (the dark pupil stays small even in dark conditions), go back to your doctor for more aggressive measures.

For me, the next step FOR TREATMENT will probably be…

1) Steroid Pills. These can and usually cause Gastritis (the rolling around on the ground in pain type of Gastritis). You may have to take something to protect your stomach when taking Steroid Pills.

2) The scariest treatment I’ve had FOR IRITIS, is a SHOT of Steroids directly into the eyeball. This is usually the quickest way that I know to start the curing process for Iritis, but it is also the most severe measure as well (that I am aware of).

Note of Caution – This is only an informational write-up on Iritis, IF you even suspect Iritis as a cause of your eyeball pain – GET TO THE DOCTOR TO SEEK OUT THE CAUSE AND GET A TREATMENT BASED ON YOUR SEVERITY OF IRITIS!


1) GO to your doctor right away! Don’t wait if you suspect Iritis!
2) Take your meds on time.
3) MUCH REST!!! Don’t use the computer (like I’m doing right now, but this is important to me also, to share info…I’ll rest soon).
4) Follow up with your doctor IF the eyeball continues to cause you pain. You may need another plan of treatment.

Hope this helps anyone who suspects Iritis as causing your eyeball pain:  I have two other entries on Iritis here at Behind the Lens – if you do a search in my blog, you should find them.   For me, this is a recurring condition, WHICH I DO NOT ENJOY!

Good Luck!

Conservation of Momentum, v.3, Edit B

“Conservation of Momentum”.
The Original Shot was made with a Nikon F5 using it’s FANTASTIC multiple exposure funtion! This photograph was Created in 1998.

This is a two shot photo, all done internal-camera. One shot to capture color streaks and one to capture the ‘executive toy’ in slight blur. You need to capture the silver balls with a slight blur to give the impression of motion.

One of my faves from the past, kind of for the complexity of making this shot BEFORE digital and photoshop became all-the-rage.

Uploaded by BEHIND the LENS with Nawfal Nur on 28 Mar 09, 1.14PM MYT.

ANT Apartment in the Sky!

This is a post that combines Photography and Entomology: The Entomology part of it I don’t know much about, but I’m curious about Ant behavior nonetheless.

Anyone besides me, and others of my generation, familiar with the TV sitcom, “The Jeffersons”? You know…”Movin’ on up, to the East Side, to that deluxe apartment in the sky…”

Well, George and Louise have nothing on the ants that have made a home out front, in my yard. Well, not in the yard, but high above the ground. OK, not so high, about two feet off the ground, but in Ant-size measurements, that is a big distance upward to construct a hanging ant apartment!


[Above Photo]: An engineering masterpiece. A colony of black ants (I don’t know the species) have outdone themselves with a hanging nest. From a framework of several aluminum cans hanging from wire (attached along the fence), the ants have carried up the fence various natural resources to construct their nest, including sand, dirt, leaves, grass, and yes, dead ants and other insects. They have plastered the materials all around and underneath the cans. This construction is how they have made their home in the sky.

This ant apartment is literally defying gravity. The mortar holding their home together is strong enough that the vast portion of the nest is hanging securely from underneath the cans. The ants have created numerous holes in the soil for entry and exit points. It appears most of the activity in the nest is from the holes in the nest’s soil, not the aluminum can holes. [See Below]:


In my humble opinion, this species has done something quite ingenious:  Hanging above ground their home is completely safe from heavy rains (floods), and that is ‘naturally’ important because this is the tropics. A very big Neem tree provides much of everything these ants need, including shelter from heavy rain, and resources for building, and maybe as a food source.

I have observed the colony in the daytime and nighttime and they are always busy working. The next several photographs are from my nighttime observations.

Maybe ants build nests above ground all the time and I was never aware of this marvel. However, this is the first time I’m seeing something like this, where ants have used aluminum cans to secure an earthen fortress, strategically hanging above ground under a huge Neem tree.

There are several questions for which I have no answers…yet:

  1. What ant species is this?
  2. Is this behavior peculiar to this species?
  3. Is this a survival strategy…to keep the nest off the ground away from other competition (earth diggers), and also protected from natural elements (i.e., Rain)?
  4. Was this construction purposeful or just a workable accident?
  5. What does this ‘Ant Apartment in the sky’ look like on the inside?
  6. Do the aluminum cans provide more purpose than just as a  sturdy and hollow construction material?
  7. If the colony increases, will the size of the sky apartment increase?  Will the ants build further downward, or outward?  Or, will the ants abandon the nest?
  8. It looks like these ants have used their own dead as part of the mortar: Is the “recycling nature” of using dead ants as part of the nest mortar a common thing, or unusual?

Well, so much for Ant Sociology & Ant Engineering:  That’s all I have for the moment.

I find this hanging nest quite interesting.  I knew that ants were great diggers, but now I also know they are skilled engineers as well.

BLACK ANT, no1-Edited-March 05, 2009, btl

This ant (above) stopped and tried to look menacing at the camera when I accidentally touched the can it was sitting on. It is all important to guard the nest.

BLACK WORKER ANT AT NIGHT 7418-Edited-March 08, 2009, v2,BTL

[Above]: An ant carrying…ah, something…not sure what that is, maybe food. Anyway, he’s heading back to the sky apartment with this “thing”. This is a nighttime shot.

Black Worker Ant at Nighttime 7419-Edited-March 08, 2009

Here’s another ant with another one of those ‘things’ (hummm…could it be a weird egg sack, but I always thought ant eggs were more smooth and whitish…). This is also a nighttime photograph.

Black Ants at Nighttime, IMG 7426-Edited-March 08, 2009, v3, btl

[Above]: Nighttime activity all over the aluminum-earthen ant apartment.  The best I can guess, this nest is about 4 weeks old.  At least, I first noticed it about 4 weeks ago.

Recovering from Computer HELL!

Hi All!
I had a couple new posts to put up, and then, “dah, dah, dahhhhhhhh…”

Computer frack’en crashed on me! 4-Days of MIND ALTERING b’s caused by overdosing on too much software+hardware crashing = One VERY Sad Nawfal.

Even though there were no warning signs / errors of hard drive damage, I suspected there could be. Nevertheless, the software (O/S) kept crashing, ‘DAMN the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!!!’

So, today, brought about a hardware fix…new hard drive.

So far so good.

Nothing photo related on this post, sorry, but still recovering from last 4 days of HELL!