As an Indie Artist or Author, if you don’t Blow Your Own Horn, No one Will, SHELLS AND SANDSTONE EBOOK BY NAWFAL JOHNSON NUR

SHELLS & SANDSTONE (2013) fine art photography book by Nawfal Johnson Nur

Yes, it is true, if you are an “indie” artist or author, you will have to ‘blow your own horn’, because no one else will — those are the facts — Jack!

So, occasionally, I will list my books here at my blog, so perhaps, someone will be interested in purchasing a copy.  This one will certainly make a nice, artsy addition to your PDF EBOOK reading collection.

This first book, SHELLS & SANDSTONE, is 34 pages, and it is a collection of my black and white photographs of, you guessed it, shells and sandstone from Penang beaches.

Here’s a link to the sale’s page, and a screenshot of the book cover and description.

Please have a look — thank you!


“SHELLS & SANDSTONE” – My new e-Folio

“SHELLS & SANDSTONE” Fine Art Photography, ebook by Nawfal Nur, now available!

Hey, sorry for the blatent self-advertising, but if I don’t toot my own horn, I know for a fact that no one else will, so I hope I’m tooting a loud enough horn to get a least a few folks to hear me.

Hi All!

I have released a new work, out into the world…

You can get to the site where I’m offering this work, by clicking this link:

SHELLS & SANDSTONE,  a new e-Folio photography ebook by Nawfal Nur.

"SHELLS & SANDSTONE" by Nawfal Nur, 2010