HELP – Wake up and be Aware of the Signs of Major Depression!

It is time for you to wake up and be aware of the signs of Major Depression – It could help save someone you care about!

HELP - V 2, Edit F, NJN667

It’s not always easy to stand aside and be unable to do anything except record the sufferings around one. – Robert Capa

Photography helps people to see. – Berenice Abbott

It isn’t one of those days to create happy, fluffy, pretty, beautiful, or feel-good images.  While those types of images have their place and their time, today is not one of those times.

Sometimes, you have to record suffering, or, create a scene that mimics suffering to get the attention of other people and to spread a message – an important message.

As Berenice Abbott said, “Photography helps people to see.”

At times, people would rather not see; and most of the time, they would rather not consider suffering.  It is always easier to ignore someone else’s suffering than to help that person.  If you don’t get involved, then you don’t have to think about it.  Out of sight – Out of mind!

I guess the question you need to ask yourself is, “Is that other person, the one suffering, worth it to you, to help?”

In other words, Do You Give One Good god Damn about anyone but yourself? If you do, then read on good people!

The humanity in me wants to answer that question for you, “Yes, that other person is always worth some amount of help.”  In addition to that, the closer the person is to you, the more you need to help.  But as you can guess, these are not universal laws by any means.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about People who struggle with Major Depression.

How might you know if someone is struggling with Major Depression?

Certain clues would reveal themselves to you if you are concerned enough to observe them in someone.

  1. The person may have a major change in eating habits (not hungry, or wanting to eat too much).
  2. The person would likely be extremely tired all the time:  A person finds it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning and wants to sleep all the time.  However, this would not be restful sleep – they will constantly be disturbed by their troubles.
  3. The person will have a vast change in energy level – EVERYTHING takes major effort.
  4. The person may have difficulties concentrating.
  5. The person may experience elevated levels of aches and pains.
  6. The person will have a severe lack of happiness:  Nothing makes the person happy and the activities that the person used to like doing, they never want to do.
  7. The person does not want to be around people who they normally used to be around.
  8. The person has very low esteem – to the person everything seems hopeless and worthless.  The severely depressed person will have an outlook on life as if it is a bottomless pit of hopelessness – everything sucks!
  9. The person may exhibit bouts of anger, or rage.
  10. The person may show extreme emotional releases – they may cry for what seems no apparent reason.
  11. The person may elude to “not being around” or they may come right out and give clues about wanting to kill themselves.

There could be more signs of depression, but those are some major ones to look out for.

The person who suffers from major depression will feel that their problems and feelings are so heavy and overbearing that there is no possible escape.

If you know anyone who has any, some, or all of these symptoms, then you can help them…if you want.  I say, “if you want” because not everyone wants to, they are too busy locked in their own world to worry about the cares, concerns or problems of other people.  That’s just the way life is with people:  Some people are selfish, and other people are selfless. 

I just hope that if you are suffering from depression (of any level) that you are surrounded by selfless people who want to help you.  And if you are so lucky as to have caring people who want to help you, that you, the depression sufferer, wants to be open about receiving the love and help that these people want to give.

What can be done?

I’m just going to throw out a few ideas for you to consider.  I’m not even going to attempt to know about a solid cure for major depression.

  • Talk to the person you feel may be suffering from depression and let them know you care.
  • Be open and honest – don’t fake it, be real.
  • Be available to the person if they need to talk.
  • Be patient.
  • Talk with the person about going to see a Counselor or Psychiatrist – They need some sort of trained medical help to overcome depression and reach remission.

Organizations that Have Information about Depression:

MHA (Mental Health America)
DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance)
Families for Depression Awareness

In Malaysia

MMHA (Malaysian Mental Health Association)
Depression Understood Organization

Depression can be very damaging.  Depression can also linger on for a long time.  The faster someone with depression finds help dealing with the root cause(s) of their depression, the better it will be for them, and everyone else around that person.

The Best of Luck!


My Photograph:  I wanted to grab your attention.  I wanted to evoke emotion.  I wanted to get you to stop your busy life and consider what you are seeing and what this photograph is illustrating.  I wanted you to read this blog after seeing this photograph!  I want you to be open and aware to the symptoms of severe depression.  If my image did any of these things, then it was successful as an image to accompany this piece.

BLADE BLUE HAND-667, No.1, Edit F

Blade Blue Hand, 667, No.1, Edit F, by Nawfal Nur

Blade Blue Hand, 667, No.1, Edit F, by Nawfal Nur

Title: “BLADE BLUE HAND, 667, No.1, Edit F”
Series: “BLUE HAND”
Number in Series: No. 1.
Genre: Abstract-Geometric-Expressionism
Mediums: Painting & Photography

Painter: Nawfal Nur
Photographer: Nawfal Nur
Art Direction: Nawfal Nur
Model: Nawfal Nur

Investment in Time:
* Prep Time for Equipment Set up: 1/2 Hour.
** Painting: 5 1/2 Hours.
*** Photography: 1/2 Hour.
**** Clean-up: 1 Hour.

Paint Supplies Used:
-1- Schmincke PRIMAcryl (Feinste Künstler-Acrylfarben).
-2- ZIG – KURECOLOR Permanent Alcohol based Ink.
-3- BUNCHO Water Colors.
-4- ALBRECHT DÜRER, Watercolour Pencils by FABER-CASTELL (8200 Series).
-5- Crayola “Brush Tips” Markers.
-6- Artline 70 High Performance Markers.
-7- MonAmi ACCU Liner Permanent Markers (Metallic Series).
-8- Pentel Permanent Markers (N850 Series).
-9- ESTĒE LAUDER Artist’s Eye Pencil – (01 SOFTSMUDGE BLACK).
-10- ESTĒE LAUDER Artist’s Lip Pencil-Crayon – (08 SPICE WRITER).

CANON Powershot A620 with Modified Internal Flash Bounce Attachment. Aperture @ f/8.0 and Shutter Speed @ 1/80 sec. (I think…) ;^)

One 600-WATT SYSTEMS IMAGING Studio Flash with 2′ x 2′ BOWENS Softbox. MIRA Hydraulic Light Stands. Modeling on Cont., Power @ 1/16th Output. Distance to Subject, approx., 3-feet.

Additional Lighting or Lighting Aid Gear:
One 3′ x 3′ White Foam core bounce.

* bogen 3001 Professional Tripod.
** bogen 3025 head.
*** Manfrotto #352 Ball & Socket.
**** 3kg weight.

Computer Software:
* PhotoImpact X3.
As I mentioned in the text of the photo above, this will be my last photo addition to my Photostream at Flickr.

I have made a promise (to myself) to keep the “F-DEPRESSION” Series Images as close to the TOP of my Photostream as possible. Because with each new image addition, the older images get pushed deeper and deeper into the photostream. And that means, that these “F-DEPRESSION” photographs would eventually get lost in the masses of photos.

The ONLY way these images may help someone who is suffering from Depression, Anxiety or Chronic Pain is to see them, feel the shock value, read the text and GET HELP!!! And, that was the main reason I ventured into this very negative and self-expressing Photo & Text Series.

One of the key components of this type of work (body art), and one that I experienced firsthand, is that IT (the artwork) IS NOT LASTING!

Paint – Photograph – Wash – Rinse – Repeat the Wash & Rinse. Then, the painting is gone for ever! The final product, the actual artpiece is the Body Painted Photograph Portrait: The photograph – that is the lasting art work. The Painting is just part of the preparation! Get it!

This is NOT Airbrush, so the artwork is NOT smooth or finely detailed. I used Acrylic and Watercolours, along with Art Markers and applied them normally, and also with brush and artist’s knife. Some parts of the artwork are smooth and other textured. As the paints dry, the work cracks, so speed is important.

It was extremely painful for me to stand for that length of time – the arthritic A.S. types like myself usually can’t sit-stand-walk-or lie down for very long periods. However, I had to see if I could do it. After the completion of this work, it felt like someone had tortured me (kind of), like someone had been hitting the bottom of my feet with a metal ruler. If you have A.S., you may know that feeling: It’s No fun!!!

5 and 1/2 hours for one Right Arm! It’s the first work like this I’ve done. And, I can say that it was a really good experience and quite interesting to attempt painting oneself and working the camera. Strange feeling!


“BEHIND THE LENS!” (My Photography Journal where I’ve been writing, and where I’ve been exhibiting my Photography, since 2005).

Nawfal Nur
“Behind the Lens!”
27 Nov 2008

PS: “667” refers to what I ‘have seen’ termed as, “Neighbor of the Beast!” HOWEVER, my interpretation is different than probably the person who thought up this novel saying. Here’s how I see it:

“This world is Where the Wicked NEVER Rest, and the Righteous Struggle to just Stand their Ground!” Therefore, I am a ‘neighbor of the beast’ – evil that surrounds us all, daily – it is there, you don’t have to go far to find it.

Of course, perhaps it is much better to pretend that the world is a perfect place, so that you can sleep well at night, but this is just what people who don’t do anything to change it, want you to believe! Or, perhaps, it is what people who have it “made” want others to believe because they have all the resources available to them to ‘escape’ most of the evil that perpetuates itself daily, and around the world.

All you have to do is pick up a newspaper: There must be a lot of “evil” out there, or, the newspapers would NOT be so thick! News of Disasters, Crimes, Chaos, wars, famine, cruelty, and Injustice…this shit sells the News! I STOPPED reading the news a couple of years ago because it just perpetuates in a bad way, whatever stuff you got going on, that isn’t so good.

It is time to go…

Good night Moon!

Good night People!

pss: BTW: The “667” tattoo, I designed by computer software, but I may just have to ink myself with it one of these days!

ARTHRiTiS SUCKS! A.S. HLA-B27 Since 1988- Edit B

ARTHRiTiS SUCKS! A.S. HLA-B27 Since 1988- Edit B, originally uploaded by fine-grain.

ARTHRiTiS SUCKS! A.S. HLA-B27 Since 1988- Edit B

Genre: Social Awareness Photography – Fine Art.
Series: “ARTHRiTiS SUCKS!”
Self Portrait.

Tattoos on my hand giving details: The first one is obvious, “Arthritis SUCKS!” Especially when you started getting it when you are in your early 20’s. A.S. (Ankylosing Spondylitis) usually hits young men in their late teens or early 20’s.

I was diagnosed with A.S. when I was 23 years old (in 1988), but I knew there was something wrong with my joints before that. “HLA-B27” is the genetic marker that makes someone more prone to AS and other autoimmune diseases referred to as the “seronegative spondyloarthropathies”.

That’s my Fina Acoustic Electric Guitar, and anyone who has Arthritis and plays guitar will know how painful maintaining fine finger dexterity can be at times. Any activity where flexibility and dexterity are important is a major issue for the “Arthritic.”

So, this image, and my FUSION photo, are my contributions to the Public Service of sharing some “knowledge” and “experiences” with Arthritis and A.S.

One common misconception that many people have is that Arthritis is a disease of the really, really, incredibly aged….Ah, well, that just isn’t the case with some types of Arthritis.

Maybe I’ll continue this “ARTHRITIS SUCKS!” Series as ideas click in my mind.

FUSION – USA Made, Installed In MY, Edit B

FUSION – USA Made, Installed In MY, Edit B, originally uploaded by fine-grain.

FUSION – USA Made, Installed In MY, Edit B

Genre: Social Awareness Photography – Fine Art.
Self Portrait.
Notes: I rarely take photographs of myself, but I thought, “What the hell, might as well use my own messed-up back as a statement about Spinal Fusion – One of the joys of having A.S. (Ankylosing Spondylitis). “MY” is the short code for Malaysia. The titanium parts were made in the USA, I believe.

Sorry, no “sexy back” here!