Stock Photography Adventures

The Abandoned Black Shoes Mystery Photograph by Nawfal Johnson

Black shoes abandoned

Title:  “Abandoned Black Shoes.”

Copyright 2017 Nawfal Johnson ~ All Rights Reserved.

Creation Year:  2017.

Location:  Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.


This is an Environmental Still-Life photograph I created recently, and have just now added to my stock photography representative’s library, at

  • You can find some of my images if you do a search for my name – NAWFAL JOHNSON
  • However, I’ve noticed that ONLY a small sampling of my represented images show up when doing this search by my name…I may have to inquire about this.  I think the images are MOSTLY organized by SUBJECT, not by name of photographer, but I may be wrong.


It won’t be listed yet:  it takes several days for the photo editors to evaluate the quality, and their need for particular images.  When being represented by a premium, rights managed stock photography library, like , the photo acceptance approval percentage is low, and I believe that is normal.  I think my acceptance ratio is about 2 images accepted out of every 10 or 12 I submit.  I don’t think that means my images suck, probably, maybe, perhaps…I don’t know.  But, it means that the editors look over the images very carefully and determine their needs for such image subjects, and the general quality of the images.


I love this image, it shows me a mysterious story of reckless abandon…I mean, who just leaves a fairly good pair of shoes on the sidewalk?  Did they not know — did they fall out of the guy’s back pocket or something?  Did the owner suddenly turn into some sort of shoe-less monk and abandon his shoes where he stood?  It is a mystery to me, but the sort of subject that I love to photograph when I’m lucky enough to come across serendipity like this.


I will have to wait and see if my abandoned shoes image tickles the photo editors’ fancies…or not.