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Trying BlogDesk Again – SUN Photo

“Hot Sun & Clouds, 13 Dec 2011”



“Hot Sun & Clouds, 13 Dec 2011”
Penang, Malaysia
Copyright 2011 Nawfal Johnson Nur

This time, I’m using BlogDesk. (updated)  I mean, I attempted to use BD – no go!

I had wished BD had a few extra, useful icons at the top bar; and, I would like to see a choice of fonts available for composition.  Adding tags would be a useful feature too.  Just getting it to upload my blog entry would be nice.  Maybe I don’t have it set up correctly.

Nevertheless, if it is able to attach the blog entry photo to my home page, and, attach a thumbnail photo to the title of the blog, when publicized at Facebook, then I will probably just stick to BlogDesk…that is, until I change my mind on that. (updated) – it never did anything – would not upload my blog entry.  I used to be able to use BD.

On to another issue:

Rule number one about photographing the sun:  Never photograph the sun! LOLOL!  Well, if you are so inclined, then don’t look through the viewfinder to compose, and NEVER point your camera at the sun for very long.  BE CAREFUL!  You can damage your eyes and your camera – thus, I don’t recommend it.  Being the adventurous photographer, I don’t listen to my own good advice, and here (above) is my rendition of the sun on 13 Dec 2011.

Well, BlogDesk was a bust also.  It had trouble uploading photos to WordPress.  I concede.  I will just use WordPress blog editor utility to compose my blog entries.  But, this is maddening nonetheless.

A Few Images Added to My “35mm Photo” Set.

“Walking into the Light” by Nawfal Nur

Well, it’s been awhile since I first made my “35mm Photography” Page.

I think, and I must admit, I’ve been busy and a little absentminded…I forgot to add images to the page. My apologies for anyone who has gone to my 35mm Photo Page and found not much there.

I have improved it a little, and now you can see a few images that I took using my 1960’s, Nikon F camera. The photographs were taken in March, for the “This Planet” Project. 146 photographs (from about the same number of Photographers I would guess) covering subjects from around the world, were taken at approximately the same time. For me, in Penang, I think it was around 10:05pm when I shot most of the images for this project.

I still love shooting with film, no doubt about it. I must also admit, it is difficult to not love digital too. And, in this part of the world, getting specialty films, like the ones I used to love shooting with, B&W Ilford, KODAK HC, Kodachrome, IR, etc., is just not so possible. Many of these films may not be made anymore, and some are just plain not available in some areas.

Basic film…yes…can get.

Specialty film, not that I know of…very tough to get.

Well, as I locate older 35mm shots, or shoot new ones (which may not be too often), I’ll send them to my 35mm Photography Page. Thanks for looking!

Door & Window near old Ibu HQ Polis, Penang, v1

Door & Window near old Ibu HQ Polis, Penang, v1, originally uploaded by fine-grain.

Door & Window near old Ibu HQ Polis, Penang, v1

Colorful door and window of an abandoned house near the old, main Balai Polis, Penang.

This was a nighttime shot.

I’m not sure why, but WordPress and Flickr still don’t play very nice together. I much prefer my WordPress photography journals and the format here. However, Blogger is much more compatible with Flickr. Sending my images to Blogger is flawless. Whenever I blog my Flickr images, I always get this text above the image:

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }
.flickr-yourcomment { }
.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }
.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }

I know, it’s not that big a deal; nevertheless, it’s kind of irritating! This text does not show up in my Blogger journal.

Oh well, because I like WordPress much more than Blogger, I’ll just have to put up with this little inconvenience until WordPress and Flickr play nicer together.