35mm Photography

35mm Film Photography Intro Page

The “35mm Photography” page exhibits some of my film (analog film that is) photography from the “distant” past to the present time.

These galleries are meant to spotlight ONLY photographs taken with a film camera. Nevertheless, there may have been some ‘tweaking‘ done digitally in Paint Shop Pro, and of course, to get these photos to that point, the prints were scanned into the computer to make them digital files.

The main point to this “35mm Photography” Exhibition, however, is that the originals were all composed, metered and shot with a film camera.

Update: 6 Nov 07

Hello Everyone: It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally getting some of my 35mm Analog Images up here. These first few images are all from the same project, titled: “This Planet” Project.

The Photographs were taken with my circa 1960’s Nikon F, with Sigma 24mm f/2.8 Ultra-Wide Lens. The film used was 200ASA Konica Centuria Film.

All of my photographs were taken around 10:05pm (ah, that is, if I remember the time correctly), on 3 March 2007, in Tanjong Tokong, Penang, Malaysia.

Again, sorry for the delay!

All Photographs are the Copyright of Nawfal Nur – All Rights Reserved.


Burnt out Car at Night

Burnt Out Car At Night, v.4

“Marina Bay Apts., v.4″

“Walking into the Light,” Photography by Nawfal Nur.

End of the images from “This Planet” Project

© 2007 Nawfal Nur






  1. Ah, ‘thanks’, I think, JB! I think your comment was written in Portuguese? I tried to translate it using Alta Vista, but with not much luck!

    So, in the end, I’m not quite sure what you said. I’ll assume it was something nice – if anyone knows (for sure), maybe let me know.



  2. Nice to see someone still using film! Rare nowadays.

    Just started a “project” 35mm site myself at http://www.makronika.com to keep reminding myself that film is a great medium!

    By the way, I was in Georgetown a few months ago on business. My first time to Penang. Had a great time there, but did not have my camera with me! I stayed at the Equatorial Hotel, near the golf course, visited Georgetow, the Butterfly farm, the Kek Lok Si Temple (shame, the tower was under renovation with scaffolding around it), and lots of other places. Driving the hire car took some getting used to (different “rules”!).

    I’m looking for anyone interested to take part in my “project”. It’s just for fun, and to keep film in focus (so to say). I’ve added a “Public 35mm Project” to the site:


    Anyone interested can drop me an email:



    1. I keep my NIKON F also for that reason – plus, I know that it will always work – no need for batteries. But, I like digital too – pulled in two directions, but have embraced digital for quite some time now.


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