Nighttime Photography

You don’t know how good a photographer you really are until you switch back to film (from digital) and try taking pictures at nighttime, using a 35+ year old camera, with which the metering system does NOT work because the power cell for it, has died! This is the true test of photography…if you don’t believe it – try it yourself. Personally, I had a great time taking these shots. All of them were taken on March 3, 2007, after 10PM, in Penang, Malaysia. I used my Nikon F camera with a SIGMA 24mm f/2.8 Ultra-Wide Angle Lens. The exposures varied from 10 seconds to 40-or-50 seconds (or more in some cases), using FUJI SUPERIA, 200ASA film. The camera was steadied using a BOGAN 3001 Tripod with MANFROTTO #352 Ball & Socket Adjustable Tripod Head. I used one Off-Camera Flash that is probably as old as the Nikon camera I used, it is a Vivitar Auto Thyristor 2800 Strobe – and boy, is this a great flash unit – Takes a licking and keeps on ticking! (so to speak). By the way: I didn’t keep track of the exposure details, but I know approximately the boundary exposures for each of these images.

Burnt out Car at Nighttime, v.2

Title: “Burnt-out Car at Nighttime, v.2”

Creation Date: 3 March 2007

Details: About 40-or-50 Seconds at f/11 or f/16 (OK – it’s a rough guess already). The 2800 was used to light up the smashed up front of the car and the interior. Most of the images in this gallery are at drastic angles to add some “tension” to the scenes (These are the same basic details for this image, and the one below).


Burnt out Car at Nighttime, v.5
Title: “Burnt-out Car, v.5”

Creation Date: 3 March 2007


Apartment Building & Colored Lights
Title: “Apartment Building & Colored Lights”

Creation Date: 3 March 2007

Details: Nighttime photograph of an apartment complex, with the moonlight just behind the top of the building and colorful lights around the palm trees and gate. This was a 20-seconds exposure (est.) at f/4.0, with a HOYA 4-Pt Star Filter attached to the lens. This was a scene with HUGE lighting differences, so working ‘blind‘ without a meter, was tough, but the results were pretty good. The moonlight at the top of the building was an added blessing for this shot.




Walking into the Light, v.4
Title: Walking into the Light, v.4

Creation Date: 3 March 2007

Details: This is a conceptual, nighttime image. The ‘ghostly‘ leg and shoe walks into the frame on the textured sidewalk. A couple footprints are left in the detailed sidewalk but we don’t know who left them there, or for what reasons. The sidewalk leads the viewer into an intense light at the top of the photo…and you can decide what this means. Exposure time was roughly 6 seconds at f/2.8.


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