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Penang Trees – An Abstract Expressionistic Photography Point of View

Penang Trees - An Abstract Expressionistic Photography Point of View

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e-Folio Publication Title: “Penang Trees – An Abstract Expressionistic Photography Point of View.”

Category: Arts & Photography

Description: “Penang Trees – an Abstract Expressionistic Photography Point of View,” by Nawfal Johnson Nur, is a collection of 18 art photographs. This series shows “what else” the trees are – their symbolic meanings based on physical characteristics, which in a larger sense, inspired this project. Nawfal photographed the trees from the viewpoint of a subjective observer wishing to record and design images that exhibit the grand characteristics of trees with their wild and twisting branches and beautiful glowing hues. However, those qualities were just the beginning points to base this series on: Nawfal used those visual cues to design images that more appropriately exemplified his feelings while capturing the photographs. The qualities of having “abundance” and “hope”, are traits that Nawfal believes trees naturally have, and generously give to humankind. This is what Nawfal wanted to show in these abstract images.

Publisher: Nawfal Johnson

Copyright Year: © 2012

Language: English

Keywords: Tree Photography, Nawfal Johnson Nur, Abstract Expressionism, Fine Art, Art Photography, Penang, Malaysia, Expressionistic Photography, eFolio, Folio, Abstract Images, Photographist,

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