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Creation Date: 11 Sept 2014.
Collection Years: 2013 to Present (On-Going).
Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia

“CRACKS CONVERGE, Version 2, Edit B on 1 September 2014”

Title:  "CRACKS CONVERGE, Version 2, Edit B on 1 September 2014". Creation Date: 1 September 2014. Genre: Abstract Photography; Abstract Impressionism; Irregular Forms Abstractions. Collection:  ABSTRACT PAINTED PHOTOGRAPHIC ART. Collection Years: 2012 to Present (On-Going). Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson. All Rights Reserved. Penang, Malaysia.

Title: “CRACKS CONVERGE, Version 2, Edit B on 1 September 2014”.
Creation Date: 1 September 2014.
Genre: Abstract Photography; Abstract Impressionism; Irregular Forms Abstractions.
Collection Years: 2012 to Present (On-Going).
Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

9103, #6, Edit B, by Nawfal Johnson

9103, #6, Edit B, by Nawfal Johnson

Title: “9103, #6, Edit B.”
Creation Month & Year: May 2014.
Series Name: 9103.
Series Year: 2014.
Collection Years: 2014.
Genres: Abstract Expressionism; All-Over Painting; Action-Painting; Macro-Abstract Expressionism.
Mediums: Enamel Paint, and Oil Pastels, and 6B Graphite Stick, and Acrylic Paint.
Material: Acid-Free Acrylic Art Paper, 360gsm.
Dimension: (W) 9.5″ x (H) 12″ x (D) .016 of an Inch.
Major Influence: Jackson Pollock.
Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson.
All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

Back to some Photography – Seeing Beyond the Surface

I have missed what my blogging friends have been up to for about the last 7-days.

However, I was not on some fantastic holiday – I wish…oh well, let’s get back to some photography.


Title:  "SANDSTONE ON CONCRETE, No1020673, Edit C." Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson ~ All Rights Reserved. Penang, Malaysia.

Title: “SANDSTONE ON CONCRETE, No1020673, Edit C.”
Copyright 2014 Nawfal Johnson ~ All Rights Reserved.
Penang, Malaysia.

From time-to-time, I design a photograph that I truly believe fits in my TOP 25 PHOTOS I’VE EVER CREATED List.  I did not think this photograph would be on the list when I took it.  After all, it is just a rock on concrete.  However, when I saw the close-up view of this; and I saw the contrast in light, and texture, and cracky-designs; and how I unconsciously arranged the sandstone and camera so that the thin point of the sandstone pointed toward the lower right-corner; and the repeating texture of the background throughout; and how there is a black & white and a color element in this one photograph; and how the eye directly is brought to the colorful sandstone as it stands out against the rough concrete; and how the long-side of the sandstone magically creates an imaginary diagonal line that goes from the upper left-hand corner, to the bottom right-hand corner.  With all of these things happening in this photograph, it quickly was mentally added to my TOP 25 List.

Some people may just see a rock. Au contraire! I see beauty in the design.

Now…what else…?


Eighteen, No. 4, Edit D, Abstract Expressionism Photography

Eighteen, No. 4, Edit D, Abstract Expressionism Photography

Title: “Eighteen, No. 4, Edit D.”
Creation Year / Mon / Day: 2014 / 01 / 20.
Series Year: 2014.
Style: Abstract Expressionism Photography.
Note: The initial photographs for this fine art series, were designed on January 18, 2014; thus, I have decided that “EIGHTEEN” would be the name of this series, and the titles of each photographic artwork in this series. The “EIGHTEEN” series, art pieces all initially came from photographs of my abstract expressionism, acrylic, paintings. The paintings in my art photographs are never the end of the work: The paintings are only a means to an end. The ‘end’ is always the finished abstract art photograph. In many cases, the painting does not survive.
I have been told that there is a butterfly figure in this artwork: Yes, there could be a butterfly in this artwork…there are lots of things in the EIGHTEEN Series.

FRUSTRATED with Saatchi Online

Not long ago, I wrote to Saatchi Online asking why my perfectly good photo files were not accepted for any Prints for Sale, by their uploading software.

They responded very quickly and I was happy with that.  They explained that photo files must be of certain aspect ratios – one of them was 1:1 – a Square. I believe that photo files must be a minimum of 1500 x 1500 also.  All photos I upload are considerably larger than 1500 x 1500 at 300ppi.  In other words, I make sure that all my files meet and surpass requirements.

Therefore, to make my life easier, I decided to crop some image files to 1:1 so I can upload “acceptable” files to their sales website:  To my Sales Gallery.

Guess what?  Now they have some ridiculous line in their uploading form for DIMENSIONS:  H, W, and D(epth).  Like, OK, get real Saatchi.  Why is dimensions required for print sales?  It makes no sense.  A customer may want a smaller print or larger print – the size may not even be the same as the one I would list.

I UNCHECKED the box that says, I want to sell the original.  That obviously means that I want to sell ONLY PRINTS of my DIGITAL Photo files.  I AM NOT selling original paintings.  Therefore, I was hoping that the DIMENSIONS boxes would be removed from the uploading form – HOWEVER, even with the “I want to sell the original” box UNCHECKED,  I am still required to enter the DIMENSIONS – that is ludicrous.

Yeah, my print at 150ppi is 13.49 x 13.49 x .05  inches (for example)!  What the $hit?  How the hell do I know what the measurement is for DEPTH?  How thick is Photo Luster paper?  How thick is Epson Matte Paper?  Good Grief!  Why would anyone want to know that?  Why am I REQUIRED to put in the DIMENSIONS of photo prints – I don’t even know what it would be.  It is unnecessary information – it is making the artist / photographer’s life more complicated.  I don’t need more complications in my life:  I already have enough – I don’t want any more – thank you very much!

I think I will avoid as much complications and ONLY UPLOAD MY PHOTOS AT IMAGEKIND!  I can throw any size photo at IMAGEKIND and they do the ‘heavy-lifting’ for me.

I don’t care if there is some cropping when Canvas Artwork is printed – it isn’t so much and I don’t have to worry about it.  We, Artists ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH TO THINK ABOUT.  Online Sales Galleries should NOT make our lives more difficult – they should help us make our lives easier.

That’s my 2-cents worth.  I really wanted to give Saatchi another chance – but I’m frustrated with the difficult nature of uploading images.  The numbers should tell me something about who makes life easier for me:  I have almost 700 Art Photographs for sale at , and only 30 images at Saatchi.

I believe I won’t aggravate myself anymore with Saatchi – Maybe it is a great place for other people, but it has not been for me.

Matisse from SFMOMA!

Matisse Exhibition at SFMOMA

November 9, 2013 – September 7, 2014
Well, I wish I could go – I am sure it would be awesome.
Victoria, [Victoria Kloch – is a BRILLIANT Artist – see her work HERE! ] … If you go to see this show, please let me know how it was.  I think it would be one of those “WOW” moments to see so many Matisse paintings in one place.
Matisse was a big influence on the work of many Abstract Expressionists – the work of painters who I am highly respectful of, and who, in their way have influenced my way of designing my abstract photographs.  Piet Mondrian (Dutch, 1872–1944) [You can see Mondrian’s work at the MoMA website ]; Mark Rothko at MoMA and the Rothko Chapel in Houston, TX (USA)  ; and, Jackson Pollock, whose work I was fortunate enough to see in person, at one of my FAVORITE Art Museums, the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.  In their permanent collection they have Pollock’s 1947, “Galaxy”Seeing that work, long ago, was one of the influences that pushed me to develop an “abstract way of seeing things.”
I have more, much more work that I think I need to look at, and then, publish here at my blog.  That’s all for now – I should get back to some other work now.  Thanks for visiting my Photography-Blog, I appreciate your “Likes” and your comments.
It is very strange, but the cloud of pigments in my right eye swim around in there and sometimes a cloud of pigments wants to wade in my eye fluid, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYE’S LENS!  It is quite frustrating because it causes my vision to turn a bit foggy.  Nevertheless, when it happens, I then have to quickly move my eyes around to attempt to get the cloudiest clouds to move somewhere else.  This is, indeed, troublesome, but manageable so far.


SUPER HOT RED M&M, v1, Edit J-btl3

TITLE: “Super Red HOT M&M!”

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A single, red MINI M&M (about 50% smaller than normal M&M’s), sitting atop a tablespoon full of VERY, VERY, VERY BURNING HOT Vietnamese Chilies. You can see how small they are, but so very potent. The good thing about these chilies is that you can eat them raw like this and they don’t have very many seeds! ;^) HOWEVER, they will make your teeth melt!!! LOLOL!!! I like to put these in Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice).


SUPPORT: bogen 3001 Professional Tripod, bogen 3025 Head, and MANFROTTO #352 Ball & Socket Head.


PHOTO NOTES: I wanted to create an image with extreme subjects: The chilies are SUPER HOT; and, the Single M&M is SUPER SWEET. And, I wanted to get in really close to show how small these tiny chilies are. Also, I wanted to capture a still life with complementary color matching: Shades of green and red.

Side Note: MINI M&M’s taste NO DIFFERENT than regular sized M&M’s! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Evolving an Online Policy…

Dance Photography by Nawfal Nur - Bharata Natyam Hand Gesture

Bharata Natyam Dance, Hand Gesture
Indian Classical Style
South Indian Classical Dance
Nikon F5 (film – shot back in the day…) with
natural lighting and use of a large (like 4’x3′) fill card material.

Evolving an Online Policy…

After some extra time thinking and planning my online photography policy, and where I spend my time showing my photography, I have not totally discarded the vanity sites (believe it or not). Even though, in one of my previous entries, it appeared I was heading down that road, I have just modified my position. This, I would consider, is evolving.

At the photography websites that I perceive as being more vanity than business, I have reduced the numbers of contacts I have. I see people with hundreds, if not, thousands of contacts/friends at these sites. Speaking for myself, I simply can not keep track of so many contacts’ photographic works: It would complicate life too much for me.

Therefore, my new policy has become to keep only those people who I truly want to keep a “photographic-tab” on. People whose photography is of interest to me.

Of the contacts I have kept, there is a handful of people who I authentically consider friends, and I have my own definition of what makes a “friend” – your definition will most likely differ.

But moreover, my friends are people who I really want to keep up with, whose work I respect, whose work is interesting to me, whose work shows vast potential, and whose work inspires me to do work myself.

My friends also reciprocate, and they comment constructively on my work and they push me to continue working on the subjects that I excel at. There is a considerable give and take among my small listing of friends. And, there is considerable mutual respect.

In addition, as Brooks Jensen said recently in a LensWork podcast, he’d much rather appeal to the small minority of folks who appreciate [and respect] fine art photography, than to the 6-billion other people who may not have any interest in the work that goes into the art of Art Photography (or something to that effect!)

Right ON, Brooks! I totally agree with you on that point!

The main point is, IF you have been having these same thoughts, dilemmas, or time constraints with showing your work online, then perhaps it is time to evolve your own online policy…one that works specifically for your needs and fulfills your goals.

Good Luck!