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Trying BlogDesk Again – SUN Photo

“Hot Sun & Clouds, 13 Dec 2011”



“Hot Sun & Clouds, 13 Dec 2011”
Penang, Malaysia
Copyright 2011 Nawfal Johnson Nur

This time, I’m using BlogDesk. (updated)  I mean, I attempted to use BD – no go!

I had wished BD had a few extra, useful icons at the top bar; and, I would like to see a choice of fonts available for composition.  Adding tags would be a useful feature too.  Just getting it to upload my blog entry would be nice.  Maybe I don’t have it set up correctly.

Nevertheless, if it is able to attach the blog entry photo to my home page, and, attach a thumbnail photo to the title of the blog, when publicized at Facebook, then I will probably just stick to BlogDesk…that is, until I change my mind on that. (updated) – it never did anything – would not upload my blog entry.  I used to be able to use BD.

On to another issue:

Rule number one about photographing the sun:  Never photograph the sun! LOLOL!  Well, if you are so inclined, then don’t look through the viewfinder to compose, and NEVER point your camera at the sun for very long.  BE CAREFUL!  You can damage your eyes and your camera – thus, I don’t recommend it.  Being the adventurous photographer, I don’t listen to my own good advice, and here (above) is my rendition of the sun on 13 Dec 2011.

Well, BlogDesk was a bust also.  It had trouble uploading photos to WordPress.  I concede.  I will just use WordPress blog editor utility to compose my blog entries.  But, this is maddening nonetheless.

LSL Water Tank photo at Nighttime and Photo Blog Editors

LSL WATER TANK AT NIGHTTIME by Nawfal Johnson Nur, 10 Dec 2011

LSL WATER TANK AT NIGHTTIME by Nawfal Johnson Nur, 10 Dec 2011

What I discovered from my last blog entry:  Qumana does not seem to attach photos well to blog entries – attach as in to the front page of my blog; and, it does not seem to attach a thumbnail to Facebook publicized blog entries.

I was able to FINALLY set up Windows Live Writer (WLW); however, it was having a hell-of-a-time attaching photos to a new blog entry (within WLW) – very frustrating!

So, I’m back at WordPress using their publishing page to enter this in.

There are other blog editors – I’ll attempt BLOG-DESK next – it has worked in the past…to be continued…