A Total The Black Dahlia Murder Day so Far! Music Reflections of Mood and Creative Inspiration for Me as a Photographist

It is a total, The Black Dahlia Murder day so far! Music is a Reflection of Mood and a Creative Inspiration for Me as a Photographist—Music is Personal.


I’m not a fan of all Death Metal music. However, there are certain bands that simply have a great creative-chemistry and great musicianship. I know that Death Metal may sound harsh to some people, but to me, if done with professionalism, like The Black Dahlia Murder (TBDM), then the music, for me, is creatively inspirational, and it may in fact, resonate with my mood and help me to be inspired to get my own creative work going.

Brandon Ellis is probably one of the best lead Death Metal guitarists (IMHO). His riffs and solos are excellent, and technical. I agree with one reviewer recently who said that in TBDM songs, Ellis’s solos could end at one point and be Very Good, but he throws in even more to the compositions that lead to extended GREAT solos. He is, in my opinion, one of the Great Contemporary metal guitarists, and a great member to a band of talented musicians. Their music is aggressive and it creates a wonderful punch, like a melodic, driving wall-of-sound.

An Auditory Nudge

I do feel more motivated to get moving on work when given an auditory nudge with the right music for the moment. Sometimes, the right music may be TBDM, NEVERMORE, The Haunted, and very often, I am inspired by VIVALDI, Mozart, or Klein. I love Classical Violin and Cello Concertos—VIVALDI being my Favourite.

So, I am feeling a bit more inspired now to actually get some work done, and that is much better than feeling overwhelmed and sitting and staring at ALL OF THE tasks needing attention.

Wishing you an inspired and creative day!

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What Music Gets You Going? Have you seriously considered this as a way to help you get more motivated? It may help.