Canon A620

Many Colors, v.1, Edit B

Many Colors, v.1, Edit B

ESTEE LAUDER Cosmetics Case and crayon shavings.

Uploaded by BEHIND the LENS with Nawfal Nur on 27 Jan 09, 12.52PM MYT.

This is a One-Light Setup: A technique of lighting that I prefer if possible.

I can fully respect Photographers who use a truckload of lighting gear to get a shot, to light and fill 15 people for an Ad Shot at a Bar, or something.  Nevertheless, when it is just for me, for my portfolio, and going Macro, NOT getting too complicated with lighting allows me to put a single light (or two lights) strategically where I need them to get the look I want.

I like graduated shadowy areas in my shots; the shadows give a certain amount of atmosphere to a shot making it have depth, show texture, and express the interest that I want.

For this shot, an ESTEE LAUDER Cosmetics Case is the main subject, and Crayola Crayon shavings in the foreground provide a colorful filler.

A single VIVITAR 2800 THYRISTER Flash (left of camera) was used with a DIY Light Modifier (Silver), and a single white Styrofoam board (opposite).

I’ve had this VIVITAR flash for YEARS…at least as long as I’ve lived in Malaysia, and that is 15-years. On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being “poor” and 5 being “OUTStanding!” – I’d give the 2800 a BIG 4.5!

.5 of a point taken off for NO Swivel.

The refresh rate on rechargeable batteries  is good and this flash unit is sensitive to my remote firing system…MUCH better than the Canon Speedlite I have, which seems to need much more battery power to trigger.  My Canon Speedlite works best with NON-rechargeable batteries.

My favorite small flash unit, however, is made by METZ! My 32-Z2 is my all-time favorite flash unit. Nevertheless, I made my DIY Flash Modifier specifically for the 2800 unit, the one used for this photograph.

Over all, I like this single, small setup for Macro, Still Life Photography: It sets up fast, easily transportable, low power to run and can be moved in and out quickly and effectively for good end results.

Happy Shooting!

And, to my Chinese friends and readers, “Gong Xi Fa Chi!” Happy New Year!

By the Way…If anyone wants to give me “Ang Pao” (Red Packet), then I will graciously and humbly accept, OK!

Horsetail & Blue Sky

Horsetail & Blue Sky

I have no idea if this is really horsetail, but I don’t care, who cares, really…it looks like a horsetail, so there!

Feeling a little Grumpy, I guess!

But, just to show you what can be done with a little camera (A620) and very little post work:  Only contrast and some gamma adjustments were made in post production.

Photos concepts come from your head, not the camera – anyone can have a camera, and that does not mean they can make a photo to save themselves.  If you can conceptualize good photos before pulling the camera out, then you can use any type of camera to produce the final image (in many or most instances).  Better camera gear just means you have more options.  Little camera gear means you have to use your brains more to get cool shots!

Just to make this shot more difficult was that the wind was blowing about 20 MPH, and these weeds sway like a drunk’en sailor on the high-seas!

Uploaded by BEHIND the LENS with Nawfal Nur on 12 Jan 09, 1.03PM MYT.

ps:  With something that whips around like tall weeds, you need to find a way to control that – that is key to catching the subject without too much blur.  This shot was around 1/1600 sec, P Mode, f8, and Internal Flash maxed out at 1/500 sec.  Macro Mode.



Title: “Blue & Yellow Drops”
Creation Year: 2009
Drops and Paint in a Tub.

Uploaded by BEHIND the LENS with Nawfal Nur on 12 Jan 09, 11.39AM MYT.

Side Note: This is a pretty straight shot, very little PhotoImpact’ing (PhotoImpactX3), just boosted the contrast and saturation a little. I used the in-camera flash on the A620, on Macro, so had to crop out the negative space that happens when using flash in macro mode, but no big deal. Some specular highlight on left, but still details in highlight, so that is fine with me. Was happy not to fuss – want to try doing that more now, getting the photo by adjusting lighting and exposure better right off the bat; therefore, not so much fuss and time usage in post processing, which can EAT TIME like Godzilla on Steroids eating Tokyo! Have fun saving time! Get it right in camera if you can! Just be happy with your results.



What is it? PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS, at the Entrance of the SURIA KLCC.
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.