Historical Photography


This is a different way of looking at things – a panorama in the other direction.  It fits well in blog-space.  This is the Cheah Si Sek Tek Tong, in Georgetown, Penang.

 CHEAH SI SEK TEK TONG, Copyright 2012 by Nawfal Johnson Nur, taken on 1 March 2012, this version Created on 2 March 2012, location, Armenian Street, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.  A twist on the traditional panorama format.  All Rights Reserved!

March Castle Ruins, v5, Edit C


March Castle Ruins, v5, Edit C, originally uploaded by fine-grain.

This image is a “constructed image” of a Sci-Fi, or, Medieval type of Genre. All parts of the photograph are real, except the water.

The castle ruins and red sandstone landmass, are models that I made (sculpted/formed) and painted. The surface is made to look weather-worn and ancient.

The photograph title reflects that I made this image in March of this year (2007).

Lighting for this “macro-landscape” setting is tricky, but not so difficult if well thought out.

The important thing for me when doing these types of multi-medium artworks is that when I construct it, the parts of the image becomes a story, or a History.