“Malaysian Singers”

Dragons Fighting

“Dragons Fighting”, Artwork and Photography by Nawfal Johnson.


Mahadhir, Nawfal, Stacy, Ekin & Mawi

Something a little different…I took photographs at the Mawi, Stacy, Mila, Ahli Fiqir & Mahadhir Concert last night.

Here’s a photo after the concert in the Artist’s waiting room.

I took nearly 325 photographs at the concert: It was great to get back into the Stage Photography after not doing it for awhile. A huge challenge of low-light and quick action – but a fantastic challenge and an honor to have photographed some of the best artists in Malaysia!

I’ll add some other concert photos as I edit…and re-edit.

(From Left: Mahadhir, Me, Stacy, Ekin & Mawi).