Nighttime Photo

The Flying Monkey of Extreme Luminance


TITLE:  “The Flying Monkey of Luminance”.

One thing I just learned about WINDOWS LIVE WRITER and Blog Publishing is that WLW does not play nice with all the themes that are used in WordPress, at least not the theme I use in this blog and another one I write to.

I use the “AutoFocus” theme for this blog, and I really like it as a Photo Blog theme.  However, WLW does not seem to like it very much.  When I open WLW, and add a photo to my blog entry, all I get is a gray box at the top of the blog writing / composition area, with a flash or java rotating wheel, that never stops.  This has happened because at first when adding my blogs to WLW, I also allowed WLW to detect and download the theme.  For some reason, on my machine, this does not work for my theme, AutoFocus.

My Solution:  Do not allow WLW to download the theme when setting up the blog.  So far so good.

Another irritating thing about WLW is that when I click on Set categories, half of the categories box is off the left side of the screen.  I can’t even click on my preexisting categories because I can’t see them properly.  And, you can’t drag the box to a new location on the screen – please fix this WLW people, OK!

This is a test – If this were a REAL Emergency

This is a test – If this were a REAL Emergency, IT WOULD PROBABLY ALREADY BE TOO LATE!


"Star, Swirls & Shadow at Nighttime, Edit C," 10 Dec 2011, Penang, Malaysia, by Nawfal Johnson Nur

I have recently been using a blogging software called “Qumana blog manager.”  It is very easy to use and has good features.  I decided to use it over Windows Live Writer (WLW), which I have liked in the past.  The reason I did not continue using WLW is because when I attempted to set up my blog in WLW, you know, that long drawn out process where WLW attempts to find your blog and set it up so you can compose in the computer and publish to your blog…that step.  Well, WLW would get about 34% in the set up process, and then it would hang when it attempts to load images.  Qumana had NO issues during the set up phase.

My concern is that when publishing with Qumana, my photos are not showing up on my front page of my blog theme.  My photos are also not showing up as a thumbnail accompanying the title of my blog post, in Facebook.

Thus, I’m running this test with this entry:  I’m composing this blog entry in WordPress.  I have also uploaded and attached the file in WordPress.

Here is what I want to see:

  1. The photo above, showing up on the front page of my blog.
  2. The photo above, which will be publicized on my Facebook page, showing up next to the blog entry title.

Let’s see what happens…if it is a Qumana issue, then, ARGH!  It’s ease of use and friendly user options will not outweigh the fact of it not attaching photo files to my front page, or, not showing the thumbnail image on my publicized post at Facebook.  If your blog is mostly about photography, as mine is, then these ‘irritations’ are not acceptable.