out in the rain with your camera

Photographing Rain


Shooting Rain, v.3, originally uploaded by N. Nur.

“What to photograph in the rain?”

Sometimes I get that question asked; or, sometimes readers search for an answer to that question.

The answer to that question is easy: Anything! Anything you want to photograph when it’s sunny, can essentially be photographed when it’s raining, it will just look different.

However, beware:

You will get your camera wet. That is, unless you use some waterproof housing for your camera. I do not use a housing, but I do use an umbrella and a dry cloth to wipe off any droplets from the camera, if necessary.

Three things, no, there are more like seven (7) things/techniques/settings that I like to use, set, or implement, to capture actual rain-streaks falling, and these include:

1) Wide Angle Lens Setting.

2) Shoot downward (from a standing position).

3) Rain streaks are whitish, so try to shoot rain against a darker background, like you see in the dark green (flooded) grass.

4) Use flash: I just use the internal flash of my camera most of the time.

5) Use a fast shutter speed, perhaps in the range from 1/250 second to 1/500 second, in Manual Exposure Mode.

6) Experiment with your camera settings until you find a setting that works for you.

7) Move around and try various locations, subjects and backgrounds.

With some practice, and CAREFUL HANDLING of your camera, you can get some interesting rain photographs.  If you use these Seven ‘tips’, you may find yourself trying something new, or different from what you have done before.  And, that’s a good thing, right!

I would say, that if you are doing this alone, and you have to hang on to an umbrella in one hand, and a camera in the other, then use a compact camera that is easy to handle with one hand.

Good luck with your rain photography; however, remember that you can dry off, but your camera equipment may drown.