Death Grounds, v.7 (2005 version) by Nawfal Johnson

Death Grounds, v.7 (2005 version) by Nawfal Johnson

OFF WORLD – ALIEN LANDSCAPES : Art Photography Science Fiction Series

Death Grounds, v.7 (2005 version), is part of an On-Going Photography Project, titled, “Off World – Alien Landscapes.”

This photograph is also part of a publication, an e-Folio book of the same name, “OFF WORLD – ALIEN LANDSCAPES.”

This project consists of mixed media art creations designed for creating a final photograph. The themes are of an alien-nature; or considering that point, the themes are what we usually think of when we visualize ‘alien’ from what we know from movies and TV shows that are ‘alien-themed.’ I suppose that if ‘aliens’ were to visit Earth, we and our culture, and our planet would be ‘alien’ to them. I believe the term ‘alien’ is a personal viewpoint and perspective based on our personal experiences and knowledge.

My motivations for the “OFF WORLD – ALIEN LANDSCAPES” photography series comes from being inspired by my favourite Science Fiction TV shows; and my favourites are probably in this order: 1) Stargate Universe (2009 – 2011); 2) Deep Space Nine (1993 – 1999); 3) Star Trek Voyager (1995 – 2001); 4) Babylon 5 (1993 – 1998); and, 5) SPACE ABOVE & BEYOND (1995-1996).

The “OFF WORLD – ALIEN LANDSCAPES” photographic art series is an On-Going Series, and I usually design and create one art piece a year, sometimes two pieces, for this series. Therefore, it is a slow-growing photography series. Nevertheless, it is probably the most difficult art series I have endeavoured to make because it deals with mixed media creations constructed before the photograph can be captured.

Even though the title is “ALIEN LANDSCAPES,” there are just as many, if not more, ‘alien seascapes in this series. For my purposes, I am not concerned with this bit of semantics—whether the scene is on land or at sea, the main point is that the scene is of an ‘alien-nature,’ and that is what is important in my viewpoint.