Redirect to my Other Art Photography Blog BEHIND THE LENS by Nawfal Johnson Nur

New Theme at my other Blog I’m Using More Nowadays – Please Visit and Bookmark my OTHER PHOTO BLOG

Here is the link to my other photography and artwork blog:

I have been having problems adding Media files to this theme at this blog, and I don’t need that added frustration, so I have switched to using my other blog, and it seems to be working much better. 

Thus, if you haven’t already done so, please visit my other BEHIND THE LENS photo-blog, and bookmark, RSS, or whatever you need to do to keep track of it and when I add new content, which is about everyday, or two…

I will NOT totally abandon this blog, but will give it a ‘vacation’ – maybe I have just been working it too hard, and now I will give it a rest.

Thanks so much!