#Staying Focused on the Complete Artwork Process

Technology seems to be hassling me again…..Vivien !!!

If you are familiar with “The Young Ones”, then you may remember the episode where Neil is being hassled by technology!

Well, Vivien, Technology is hassling me too!

I tried to call up my blog….in two different browsers, and I get error pages.


I’M SURE, this too will pass. Nevertheless, why is it when I want to do something (with technology), it finds a need to hassle me?!?

Oh well………


NOW, I’m having trouble publishing this post…..SERIOUSLY…..GREAT!!!

OK….Positive Nawfal, trying to reason with the WP Gremlins.

So….how’s that working for me? Let’s see….hit the Publish button again….and….

Great! Positive Nawfal…..it isn’t working.

“The squeaky WordPress gets the Grease!”

Would someone please get WordPress some WD40!

Much Work Completed, Backlogged, and not Exhibited Yet, But that is soon to Change



I constantly have new artworks…in the works.

Thus, I have many completed works that I have yet to exhibit here on my blog. That is soon to change: I just need to focus! Use the Force, Nawfal! LOL!

I think the main reason I am backlogged on the exhibition of my work here, is simply, because that is the final step in my process of working.

In simplified terms, my Work Process is thus:

  1. Planning / Cognitive Creation.
  2. Putting Ink to Paper.
  3. Completion of Work and Final Processes.
  4. Photographing the Work.
  5. Basic Editing of Photographs.
  6. Complex Editing of Photographs.
  7. Creation of Photographic Artwork.
  8. Uploading Art Photographs to My Art Gallery Sales Website, at http://nawfalnur.imagekind.com/ , and doing ALL the text detailing needed to prepare each photograph for sale.
  9. Composing Blog Posts at https://smokephotographist.wordpress.com/ to explain, exhibit, and market each new art photograph.

These are complex steps, and much of the time I get stuck at Step 4; and leave it to say, I am frustrated with this fact because I’m a Photographer! This should not be happening, but it does. Therefore, I complete a lot of works, and only then do I photograph these completed works, in batches.

  • Therefore, Steps 1 thru 3 are easy for me, but Steps 4 thru 9 are done only occasionally.
  • And thus, I need to work on photographing my artworks on a more regular schedule.

It is a Good Idea to Identify Where in Your Work Process You Have Problems

Steps 8 and 9 are also slow-going much of the time. Perhaps because Steps 8 and 9 are more like Administrative Tasks, and I find them not so fun, or maybe, too redundant. I have difficulty concentrating on repetitive tasks—I find repetitive tasks very boring.

All that I know for sure, is that I’m aware of where I get clogged-up in my work process. That is a good start. That being the case, I know where in my process I need to improve and streamline, or make it less redundant.

How BACKLOGGED Am I with Publishing and Exhibiting My Pen Artworks and Art Photography?

I think my Backlogged Artwork Period is from about 19 June 2017 until the Present. I didn’t count the number of artworks, but it is approximately 30 artworks, and probably 200 photographs.


1) Work more efficiently.

2) Avoid unproductive distractions.

3) Focus!

4) “Use the Force!”