Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets & Photography

Trade Secrets and Photography.

A Trade secret is a process or device for continuous use in the operations of the business. Generally it relates to the production of goods, as, for example, a machine or formula for the production of an article. It may, however, relate to the sale of goods or to other operations in the business

I would say that I’m a giving person and often think of others when reconciling my actions and how it may affect other people in the process.

I am also very willing to teach and show other photographers, tips and techniques on how to take photographs; or, how to improve their photography.  I do not mind doing this, and in fact, I enjoy teaching other people things about Photography that they need help with.

However, there are some techniques that I have spent many long hours, 4AM mornings, sometimes months or even years of practicing these techniques to improve my skills and utilize in my art photography.  With some of these techniques, I feel, that these techniques are more in lines with what I consider, “trade secrets” – these techniques are secrets of my trade.

If strategies of sale of goods can be a trade secret, then so can my techniques used to create certain art photographs.  I should not need to feel guilty about wanting to keep a few of these techniques, all to myself…FOR NOW.

Do you keep certain business techniques and strategies to yourself?  Are you bound, perhaps, by your company to keep secrets about production and research.  OK, then you know kind of what I’m talking about, although I’m specifically talking about photography, not the production of say, hard-disk drives.

In a recent discussion with other photographers, I mentioned that I like to share information and techniques I know about photography.  However, I said, there are some things I keep to myself.  Others (among us creatives), prefer to share everything about their skill with other photographers. For me, this is fine too. But, my personal feeling is that I need to keep a part of me, and that includes some of my photography techniques, for myself: This helps me identify “self” – Who I am!

I don’t want carbon copies of me. I prefer to share information, as much as I can, but not everything. And then, the “students” will develop a style or techniques of their own. My instruction can be a launching pad for students to forge their own directions with photography.

Trade Secrets, yes, they apply, in my opinion, to all forms of business, including those belonging to Photographers and their methods of Photography. In fact, I feel that holding a few things back can help students think and work out problems that will help them wander “out there”, and in the process, creating their own paths and experiences with Photography.

Good luck everyone, and always be open to learning and adjusting, recalculating your thinking if and when necessary.