tropical fruits

Tropical fruits could drop on your head in Malaysia

Many tropical fruit trees grow randomly along the road here in Malaysia.  This, I think is either Soursop or something similar…not sure exactly.  Soursop is a great fruit for drinking as a juice and is probably loaded with vitamins.  But, I always thought how tropical fruits cost so much in many (most) non-tropical places (or the fruit is only found in a tin can…not fresh), but here, the fruit may just fall off a tree and smash you on the head!  Bad idea if it’s a coconut!  What’s criminal is that many grocery stores here will sell Malaysian tropical fruits at crazy high prices.  It’s insane because the same fruits can be found, often, on trees growing along the roadside, or, out in some abandoned land, etc.  Out-of-season fruits will be extra high-priced, for example, durian, dragon fruit, and any non-tropical imported fruits, or, “ORGANIC” fruits and vegetables.  I rarely photograph tropical fruits out in the wild, but saw this nice sample on my long walk back from the hospital, after my pain clinic appointment.  That’s an oxymoronic statement:  Pain Clinic appointment and then a 7 kilometres walk.  It’s exercise, painful, nonetheless.  The vibrant greens in the photo made the walk worth the pain.