When You Become Uninspired!

Yes, I have become rather uninspired at the moment.

I am truly having difficulty feeling good about Creating and Designing NEW Art Photography! Don’t worry, I am not alone. At some point I think that most Creative’s will reach a horrible stretch in their creative lives where the main question they ask themselves is, “Why?”

I am asking myself that question, “Why?”

☆ There must be some overwhelming drive to make an Artist keep creating new artwork. When that ‘Driving Force’ becomes stalled in space, so to speak, inertia sets in and it leads to “Why?”

I believe that Without Inspiration, an Artist will find it very difficult to honestly create artworks they are proud of, and that joy to exhibit those new artworks, fades away.

The ‘Driving Force’ will return — The Joy will Return in Time.

■ “A body at rest will remain at rest until it is acted upon by an external force!”

I believe that Physics law is true for Artists who are in a creative rut: it will take some external force to nudge them, to get the momentum and creativity rolling again.

The External Force:

  1. It could be as simple as Seeing Something with Fresh Eyes.
  2. It could be help and encouragement from a fellow Artist.
  3. It could be a supportive comment from someone who admires the Artist’s work.
  4. It could be travelling to a new environment to liven the soul.
  5. It could be a sale of the Artist’s work.
  6. It could be the prospect and looking forward to an upcoming exhibition.
  7. It could be many, many things.

☆ Positive ‘External Forces’ can have a huge positive impact on an Artist who has become uninspired, become stuck in a creative rut, or even become strangled and stressed out with bad personal news to the point that the mind is overwhelmed to the point that it cannot concentrate on being creative….it can happen…and it has happened to me—now.

I am constantly thinking of ways to get back to being my creative self, but some personal roadblocks must be cleared first, and I am one who needs Positive ‘External Forces’ when things become overwhelmingly stressful.

I have no solutions, yet, but I will, I just need time to sort things out.

I don’t know if my Art Photography truly inspires anyone — I really hope I am, or, my work is of some inspiration to someone. I would like to believe that in some small way, at least, my Art Photography has added some artistic life to the Universe’s overall artistic ocean. ~ I said that. ~

That is all for now. More Art Photography is coming soon.