video conversion from mp4 and flv to 3gp for SAMSUNG PHONE

Video File Conversion for SAMSUNG Phone

I just thought I would give a couple bits of information on video file conversion from .mp4 and .flv files, to the .3gp file format for use with SAMSUNG Phones.

First, I’ll recommend a conversion program called: Oxelon Media Converter.

I would not be immediately set back by the reviews that some people have given at Sourceforge regarding this program. It has so many options, it takes some experimentation. However, once you discover the right mix of settings, it is very useful.

In my opinion, this program offers MANY Options converting between formats and quality settings.

And, this is the only one I’ve found (thus far) that successfully converts mp4 and flv video files to USEABLE 3gp format that can be used with my SAMSUNG Phone.

Second, you need to experiment with the settings a little to get a bitrate combo that works well on your phone, and this may be phone model specific.

Here are the settings I use to convert mp4 and flv files to 3gp format:

Open the Oxelon Media Converter (I’m using v.1.1).

Media Format = 3GP (.3gp)
Video Codec = H263
Audio Codec = AAC

Video W x H = 176 x 144
Frames/sec = 15
Bitrate (Video) = 576

Channels = Stereo
Sampling rate = 44100
Bitrate = 128

Hit the “Conversion” button and it starts the process.

These are not the only workable settings, but without fiddling too much and wasting time, these work pretty good for the conversion of mp4 and flv files to .3gp, which work so you can view video on your SAMSUNG Phone.

Good luck!