WISMA TANI, No 4, Edit C PUTRAJAYA Interpreted by Nawfal

WISMA TANI, No 4, Edit C  PUTRAJAYA Interpreted by Nawfal

Title: “WISMA TANI, No.4, Edit C,” PUTRAJAYA Interpreted by Nawfal
Creation Year: 2013 / Aug.
Series Name: PUTRAJAYA Interpreted by Nawfal.
Photo Number in Series: 004.
Location: The location of all the photographs in this, “PUTRAJAYA Interpreted by Nawfal” series, were created photographing architecture in the federal territory. The Malaysian federal territory, PUTRAJAYA, is the administrative capital of Malaysia. There are two other Federal Territories in Malaysia, they are, Labuan and Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is the national capital; and, Labuan is an offshore international financial centre.

This is an administrative ministry building called, WISMA TANI – part of a 4-building cluster – a Modern Style Skyscraper.